May 25, 2017


Sometimes unexpected gifts, events or people comes to your life and you are not aware enough what can those things do to you, it can change your life if you will look closely why are they here. It can make dramatic changes to your weak life if you will think deeply and find their purpose.

If your brother suddenly gives you a cellphone out of nowhere, of course you are happy and feel lucky but the truth is.. there is other meaning behind that event. Don't think of that cellphone as an ordinary cellphone for calls and texts messages, don't use it only for games, don't use it for some other things that serves as a waste of time. Maybe it was given to you because it has a more meaningful purpose.

Maybe you need to use it to download the Nike Training Club app so that you can trim your weight down and become healthy once again. You've been living like a bum for years and you're so heavy that is why you can't feel good. Maybe that cellphone was a sign that you need to live a better life once again. You can use that cellphone to download a lot of applications that will help you to become fit again. Applications like tabata, HIIT etc. Don't use that phone to become fatter because of not moving because you only use it for chatting and taking images of yours that shows all of your eating activities, use it the right way.

You can also use it for applying for a job that you want or maybe even use it to get some money, there are millions of ways to earn money through your phone, you can use it for cold calling and call some potential customers to buy the product that you are selling. You can join a lot of Marketing projects or freelancing activities by using it. Your phone is not just there for pleasure, it is there to make your life better if you will only think the right way.

If your mother gave you a shoes that you don't like, if it is not branded and you are shy of wearing it because your friends might mock you... wake up, that shoes is there for a reason. You can use it as a motivation, you can use it as an inspiration. Be happy because your mom is working hard and she is still buying you a shoes even of she doesn't have enough money. Use that happening as a motivation to work hard so that you can buy your favorites shoes when you became successful. You can use it to have something on your feet to wear and go to different places that will make your life better, you can use it for applying for a job. Some people doesn't even have a pair of slippers to wear so always be happy if someone gave you something even if it is not branded.

If suddenly there is a problem, I mean a big problem that strikes your life and you're not ready for it.... embrace it, be happy with that problem, learn to process it and solve it. Always remember that problems will only make you stronger if you survive it, what can't kill can only make you stronger. And one more thing, there is no problem that you can't solve, there is no problem that can kill you. It is there for a reason and that reason will  only be discovered once you solve your problem.

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