May 02, 2017


The idea here is to care about how you feel and not how you look so you will have a better life and you will become happier and more at ease. A lot of people wants to look great so they never follow what their heart says. If your goal is to always look great then you are more concern on what other people are thinking instead of following your own intuition.

For example, in buying a shirt. Most people will buy a branded shirt because they thought they look great while wearing it. They thought that whatever design the popular brand create... it will look good to them because the brand is expensive and popular. They will still wear the shirt even though it doesn't fit them or it feels uncomfortable to them. If they will just buy what feels good to them then they will look better, they will look more natural and authentic.

Another example, you wanted to look great so you will rent a limousine instead of taking a public transportation. You want to impress other people, you want to make a loud sound. And when you found out that you don't have money anymore, does it still feel great? That is a bad move, I know that the moment you rent the limousine... you already don't feel great because you are worrying about the future, you are worrying because you don't have money to spend anymore. That is what you will get by always trying to look great.... you will feel bad in the end.

Feeling great means comfort, security and you will only get that by being true to yourself. It is because you are not trying to impress people so it means you are not doing something stupid. You are not spending just to look great. Sometimes you will also feel great by impressing people but that feeling of greatness will not stay for a long time.

Feeling great means you are following what your heart truly says. You don't care about what other people think, all you care about is making your life better and feeling happier. Their comments, suggestions and opinions are nothing but garbage. You use what is comfortable and you stand by it forever.

Sometimes looking great is fakeness. Look at the celebrities.. they want to look great, they will undergo a lot of plastic surgery operations just to look great and impress people but deep inside they feel empty. They feel like they gain nothing. Their happiness is purely based on how they look, they don't know how to feel great anymore. They were fooling themselves, their happiness is too dependent from their outer being.

Feeling great has something to do with sacrifice and work. You will feel great in the end once you sacrifice a lot. If you work super hard you will also feel great, you will see the fruits of your labor. You will feel better because you have a purpose and you are getting better everyday.

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