May 04, 2017


If you still somehow think that you can do it but you are looking for help... it only means you're weak, lazy and doesn't want to take full responsibility of what's going on. If sometimes you still think that you can become successful, if there is at least 1% in your heart and brain that tells you you can do it yet you still ask for help... it means you're scared. You wanted to be sure that you're going to win, you didn't give everything you've got, you wanted to become comfortable with the support of others.

Don't ask for help if you can do it yourself because asking for help even though you can still do something is a sign of weakness, it is a cowardice, your willpower will become weak, you can never win by your own. And one more thing... do you think that asking for help will get the job done? a lot of people only get disappointed by asking for help. They have a lot of regrets, they thought that if they only do it by themselves then maybe the result will be better.

Look at the NBA players who ask for help, even if they can play by their own and work hard to win championship... they look for another player that will carry their team. And what happened in the end? it is a disappointment. When the recruited player didn't meet their expectation... they become disappointed, they feel regretful.

You are looking for help from someone to save your business. You ask for help from a bank because you want to get comfortable right away and have more budget for your business. Then one day you learned that the interest of the bank is making your business even suffering. If you only wait and give your business a little more time to grow, if you just work hard and take care of the tiniest things in your business then you don't need to loan from a bank. And now what? you are in huge debts, you are bankrupt. That is what you get for looking for comfort.

Looking for help means inviting weakness, it means you are staying away form pressure and challenge. It means you don't want to win, you just want to get comfortable and lessen the jobs that you must do. You want to make the process easier but having that kind of attitude usually never produce success, it only produces disappointments and regrets.

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong in asking for some help but it doesn't mean that the help should be big and you are saving yourself from taking actions. It is better if the help was given to you without asking for it.

You can get help but make sure that after getting it you will still work hard. That little help should only be a little relief, it should not be the solution. You should still take the challenge, you should still feel uncomfortable despite of getting that help.

If you can just focus on making yourself strong and finding solutions that will improve your situation then you don't have to ask for help anymore. You can win or lose but the good thing is you did it by yourself. You discover who you are and what are your true capabilities.

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