May 09, 2017


There is no other way around, you have to act first and take actions before you get motivated and inspired. Because the truth is... action is the number one source of action and motivation, you will only feel good and become creative once you take the first step and keep doing your thing. You have to become consistent and dedicated. Once you have that momentum going... you will become more determined to win, ideas will flow inside of your head, you will have a good feeling that you are winning and you will push until the end.

If you will wait to feel good now... it will never happen, never. A lot of people are waiting and procrastinating, they are waiting for that moment to feel good and inspired that is why the remain as a bum forever. Execution will beat depression and stagnation. Just do the first step and wait for the motivation to flow inside of your body. It is what it is, yeah it is hard, you will feel heavy, you will feel stressed but when you accept that feeling and move anyway... the doors will open for you, happiness will be achieved. You will become unstoppable regardless of what is happening.

Taking actions is already a motivation itself, you are motivating yourself if you are doing the necessary things to change your life. Slowly and surely you are making it, you are changing your life gradually.

The key here is to stop caring about how you feel, if you are feeling heavy and tired... that is the best time to force yourself to take actions. If you are doubting yourself and you are so scared to move... that is the best time to start and beat laziness. It is not fun in the beginning but you will have a lot of fun as you are progressing. And speaking of having fun... don't care too much about it, it is only a feeling. Most of the times, the things that are fun are the things that will make your situation even worse. If you want to change your bum life, if you want to have a better life then don't care about having fun. Do the things that are necessary because you can have a lot of fun on your journey especially if you are succeeding little by little.

Inspiration and motivation is only a state of mind. You can become motivated and creative if you will program your mind that you already are. Stop acting like you have all the time in the world to become motivated later. Stop acting like you have the luxury to wait, the perfect time is now. There is no such thing as perfect timing, the perfect time is always now so stop waiting and just do the first step.

If you feel uninspired it means you are inspired, if you feel unmotivated that means you are motivated. Your feelings is just fooling you. It is just challenging you. You have to dig in deeper and realize what you really want.

Of course taking actions is what you really want, you just don't want to move because you don't know what will happen next. You are so afraid to take actions because you want fast and sure success. But that thing won't happen, you need to be patient, you need to wait while taking massive actions.

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