May 01, 2017


If you really believe in something then you will work to make it work. No excuses, no second thoughts, no worrying... you will just work, you will just do whatever you can. You will use all of your energy time, money or whatever means to become successful.

Some people cannot make something work because they really never work for it, they pretend that they work, that they try but the truth is they just put a little effort and then they expect big results.

So what does work really mean? what does pushing really mean? what does pursuing a big goal really mean? If you can never give your 100 percent then you really never work, you just try and become lucky... that's it.

Even if things weren't working for the moment, you will still find ways how to make it work. You will search for miracles, you will die to make it successful. That is what really working is all about.

If you don't want to work for it, it only means you don't believe it anymore. It only means you have a fake believe, you better pursue something else because a belief that is not 100 percent complete will not work.

Never let doubt and fear that it will not work occupy your mind, once you believe that it will work then hold on to that thought forever. Never change it nor manipulate it, just believe it and everything will work out for you.

Don't be a lazy bum that makes a lot of excuses. If you really want it then go for it, never hold back. Never let someone or something do it for you because they never will, you are the only one who can make it work. You have your own strength so use it and never waste it, never waste any single second.

Whatever ideas you have... make it work by simply working hard. No other formulas needed, just work as hard as you can all day. Work forever if you needed to and don't ever stop.

Always make your belief stronger, make it strong by taking actions. Your belief will never get weak once you have that insane work ethic and consistency. It is just a matter of time before it work. Just be patient and keep grinding until the end.

Because the reality is... it really doesn't matter if it will work or not, what matters is do you really believe in what you're doing because if you do so... you will become successful for sure. Belief is the only barometer of your success, your success depends on how strong your belief is so just focus on your belief and actions... everything else will fall into you hands.

Even if you say that you really believe... if you're not taking actions then that belief will be useless, that is just a waste belief. Because any belief should be paired with actions. Belief alone cannot get the job done. Belief and work should be partners, if one is missing then you will not become successful.

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