May 19, 2017


How many of you doesn't want to go home because you are still enjoying the moment? I can't blame you if you don't want to go home because the more you need to go home, the more you will miss the fun. I can't explain it but there is an opposing energies that are clashing. For example, if your mom is texting you because she need you to do something for her and you need to go go home ASAP, the more there will be moments that are very hard to leave. Your friend will tell a story that is very interesting that will make it very hard for you to leave or maybe you are just beginning to have fun talking with your friends. But you need to go home ASAP or else your situation will become worse. Your mom might get mad at you and she might punish you when you got home. She might do things that you will regret forever and I am pretty sure you won't like it.

If your wife is calling you and telling you to go home right away, if the reason is acceptable and not just something that is childish and unreasonable... go home now. If you don't then the argument will become bigger, you will not like it especially when your wife runs her mouth without stopping. It is like a machine gun that is loaded with killer bullets so you better go home now and do your responsibilities. If not, you will feel bad if she argues with you, you will not like what she is going to say and that will be the cause of such a useless argument that will lead to nowhere. It is not about submitting to your wife and letting her take the power. If you need to go home because you have responsibilities to do for your family as a father then go home and do it first. Women will not make a complaint once they see that you're a good father and a good provider. Feed your children first, give them what they need, give them attention and if everything is ok then you can go back and have some fun.

If you're playing at the computer shop with your friends and you need to go home because you need to do your assignments and other important tasks at home... go home now, do what is needed first. You can play video games some other times, the games will never leave you but the time you've been wasting is critical. That silly mistake that you are doing will have a riffle effect that will affect your future, the bad habits will be built and you will have a hard time to get rid of it.

If you need to cut the happiness now, cut it. Cut the good times because if you will not go home now... you will face bad times in the future, as simple as that.

People are having a lot of difficulties in their lives because they can't make small sacrifices, they always prioritize the temporary pleasures and forget the more important responsibilities ahead of them, that is why they are broke, that is why they are having a lot of stress, that is why they don't know where their future is headed to. If you want an easier life... face your responsibilities now, endure the pain of leaving fun for the sake of having something better in the future. People are so much blinded with the temporary happiness that irresponsibility brings. If you are happy now but deep inside you know you are not doing the right thing... that is a fake happiness that you are experiencing.

Just doing the right thing will give you happiness, you may not see it now because it is uncomfortable to face the boring tasks but when the right time comes, you will realize that what you did is right, you will realize that doing small sacrifices will put you in a much better position.

So don't wait for 5 minutes or ten minutes before you go home. Go home now and face all the responsibilities that are waiting for you. It is not that hard once you take the first step.

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