May 15, 2017


Most people already accepted that they can't change their situation and keep telling themselves that it is their fate or they can't do anything about it anymore. They were bitter, they were blaming a lot of things that doesn't really have any connection with their failure. They were creating a lot of dramas which only makes their situation even worse.

Your situation doesn't even matter, what you see now is not permanent, is has nothing to do with your future. What you need to place your focus upon are the things that will make your belief stronger and will make you work harder.

If you know that you can become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually then you will be alright. You can have a better life, you can change your situation. All you have to do is feed that believe over and over again and of course pair it with hardwork.

For example, if you are working in a company that will prioritize workers that can make a lot of production... if you know how to become strong then you will remain in that company for so long. If you know how to improve yourself a little bit, if you know that consistency and getting uncomfortable for a little bit will make you better than yesterday then you will be alright. The company will take care of you because you keep on evolving. You are showing them that you have a potential and you can become the number one producer one day.

Because if you know how to become strong ad you are working for it then you will have hope, you will have a direction, you always knew that one day your life will change if you keep on working hard everyday. And it will manifest, your work ethic and belief is the manifester of your life so you better check your thoughts and activities everyday.

Forget everything that worries you, forget everything that makes you feel weak and disappointed. What matters is knowing what will make you stronger and doing it right away. Even if you have a lot of knowledge on how to become stronger, if you are not doing it then it will all be useless.

The reality is... anyone can make his own life better, anyone can change his difficult situation. You too can control your life, what makes you slow and incapable of doing something is because you don't believe yourself enough that you can achieve something, you are so scared to try. You're like a pussy that doesn't have any fight left in your life. Why don't you pretend that you're great and just try anyway? why don't you pretend that you work so hard and live with it until it becomes real?

Life is all about moving, it is all about facing the pain, it is all about evolving everyday. Because if you're not progressing it means you're dying. So if you have a mindset that you can still become strong, still improve and still make something positive... it means you're on the right path.

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