May 19, 2017


You can always find the answer if you really want it. If you can't find the answer then it is not for you. It means you are not seeking hard enough, it means you want the easy way, it means you're not patient and you want it right way. That kind of approach is derailing the manifestation of what you want. If you will not be patient to look for answers by yourself... it will not come. You will always get the wrong answers.

The reality is... there is always an answer to your questions, there is always a solution to your problem. The reason why you can't get it is because you're not really looking for it. You are pretending that you are working but the truth is... you're just exerting a mediocre effort and you become fully satisfied with it. And once you can't find the answer that will satisfy your soul.... you will quit, you will tell yourself that it is not for you which is true... it is really not for you because you are rushing. It takes time to become successful, sometimes a lot of time, it even takes forever.

If you really want an answer then you will dig deeper. You will seek hard, sometimes you will even get crazy because of too much stress. But it is what it is, you have to do whatever it takes just to get the answer that you are looking for because if you can't find it... it only means it is not for you.

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