May 05, 2017


If you are trying to become great, you have to accept the fact that you need a little pain to evolve. You need some stress, a healthy stress. You need to make your pace fast a little bit, you need to think fast a little bit, you need to push yourself a little bit. You need to go to the extra mile a little bit, you need to feel uncomfortable. Because if not... then you will not achieve any growth. You need resistance to produce growth, if you are always comfortable then you will never be able to reach another level.

If you are always comfortable then you status in life will be in danger, you will reach a plateau, you will be stuck in a mud. It is what it is, there is no such thing as success without a little bit of discomfort. You're not a king nor a chosen one so you have to work really really hard if you want to become successful. Things are not given to you, you have to work for it or else... your life will be wasted for nothing.

Just like building your muscles in the gym... you can't make your muscles grow if your body is not sore. You can't gain progress if your body is not aching. You can't just drink an expensive protein shake and eat some proteins to make your muscles grow, any steroid won't do the trick. You have to put an extra effort to produce the results that you are wishing.

You have to face the pain because there is a growth attached with it. You don't necessarily have to feel like dying in pain. Just face it little by little, you know what pain to tolerate, you need to welcome it in your system so you can achieve some growth. It is very easy, just feel it, when you feel it you will know that it is not a big deal, don't be afraid of it. It will open the doors for you to achieve power and greatness.

That is why a lot of people can't grow... they are afraid to face the pain, they want luxury, instant pleasures and instant rewards. They are not willing to work for something, that is why they can't evolve. Face the pain now, face the stress now so you will be able to unlock the next level. If it hurts so bad.. it's good for you.

Pain is just a feeling, it just an emotion, if you have high tolerance in pain then you can go further. Sky is the limit for you. I am not scaring you but I discover it in myself, if I am not feeling any resistance in anything that I do... I never feel any growth. For example in exercise, just walking relax and not sweating at all doesn't give you the feeling of progress right? it is boring, it is like wasting your time. But if you are pushing yourself running, if you are breathing heavily, it feels good in the end right? you feel like a new person, you feel like a new strength was installed in your system. That is what the pain does, it will make you grow.

You will get injured if you are making yourself suffer too much. Just feel the pain little by little and try to amplify it gradually. Don't just go there and do something stupid like in a suicidal mode. You know if you can't go anymore, you will feel it if something bad will happen to you. Push yourself but don't push yourself too much, be patient because you will find the right timing if you will take your time. Be aware of how you feel and what is happening to your mind and body because too much pain will make you go crazy.

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