May 31, 2017


It is very simple... go all in. This is possible, you can have a very ugly or unprofessional schedule but become successful in one thing... GO ALL IN. Every time you have a free time, you do something for your goal. No questions ask, no thinking about the past, not thinking about what you've missed... just do it, do it like you really need to do it and your life depends on it.

You can have a very rough schedule everyday, your work can become a huge obstacle for pursuing your real dreams but what can you do if you can't leave your work? are you just going to cry about it and make it as an excuse? of course you can still do a lot of thing despite of having a busy or stressful schedule.

Just think about your dreams everyday, never remove it from your mind. Think about it and just do something about it even if you are doing something else. You can always take baby steps, you can always do something for it. Accept that your life is like a jungle and there are lot of random things going on with your life.

Your actions may not be focused but your mindset can. Even if you are doing something else... just always think about your dream and once you find a free time... go and do something for your dream Because you cannot afford to make excuses if you really want it, you can't say to your dream that you're tired because of heavy traffic and stressful work at the office. Once you are free from your obligations... do something for your dream, no more talking, no more complaining... just do it. Do it even if you don't have enough time, do it even if you are rushing.

Accept that random things always happens, your mom may call you and ask you a favor, your wife may ask for your help to feed the children, your boss may ask you to stay longer in the office and finish your project, your friends may call you and invite you to a dinner. You see, a lot of random things may happen and of course if you want to have a balance life, if you want to maintain the relationship with the important people around you... you will give them some time. But again, once you go home, once you find a free time... do something for your dream, it maybe small steps but all those steps will accumulate in the end, it will sum up and turn into big things.

Learn to adapt to your environment, learn to stay calm despite of doing a lot of things. Just do something for your dream everyday, you have to be consistent, you have to be super dedicated. Because if you will keep on complaining that you don't have enough time that is why you can't do something for your dream... you will remain a failure forever.

Of course you have a lot of time, it is just a matter of utilizing your time the right way, you can even watch TV for hours after you go home, you can even sleep for 15 hours during weekend. You have a lot of time, you're just using everything as an excuse for not taking actions for your dreams.

Again, don't try to make a perfect schedule, just accept the randomness of your life and then once you find yourself having a free time.... do something for your dream right way. It doesn't matter what kind of action you do, even small actions can make a large impact.

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