May 06, 2017


Even if you are great, even if you are mediocre or whatever status you have in life... you still need to stand up and work EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because if not... you will go down, you will fail, your life will be in complete danger.

A lot of people who succeeded goes down as fast as 3am because they think they already made it, they think that they don't have to work anymore, this is an arrogant mindset. If you want to sustain the life that you have now... you have to work, if you want to upgrade it then you have to work harder, the formula is very simple... it's all about work and nothing else. Because if you don't want to work anymore... nothing will work for you. Your life will be degraded everyday and you will never be able to stop it until you decide to work hard again.

Even if you're already great, even if you made it to the top... you still need to work because you really never made it. You just taste a little bit of success and that will never last for so long. Success is to be maintained not to be celebrated. You can celebrate for one or 2 days but you have to go back to work or else... that celebration will never happen again. Too much celebration will destroy your momentum, too much celebration is like setting yourself up for failure.

If your status is just mediocre, that doesn't mean you don't need to work hard anymore, that doesn't mean you have the excuse not to move. You still need to work super hard, rise up and do your job. It is what it is, no one is excuse from work, even the president is doing his job, even the king is having a lot of stress to protect his kingdom. Everyone needs to work, if you will not work then just die because you have no place in this world, you are just making the people around you suffer. If you're a mediocre, how can you make your life better if you will not work? just keep on working and your status from mediocre will change to greatness. All you need to do is consistent hardwork, it is not hard to do, all you need to do is execute the first step and never stop.

Because if you will keep being lazy, nothing will happen to you, people will treat you like garbage, you will have no choice but to follow their commands because they don't need you, you need them. If you will not push yourself then someone will push you in the future, and I guarantee you, that kind of push is something that you will not like. But you have no choice but to be pushed around because you are powerless because of your laziness.

So if you are not working now, you better be alarmed because something bad might happen to you, it is either you attract poverty even more or an unexpected event may happen to you and you have no control over it.

So stop being lazy, forget your status in life and just work, keep working until you become successful. Keep in mind that all efforts will be rewarded, you may not see it now but you will see it in the end.

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