May 07, 2017


Being too technical will make you crazy, success is not about being detailed or following all the rules and traditional techniques about something. Success is all about work, you can find your own details later as you keep grinding and evolving. You will discover a lot of technicalities in hardwork especially if you are consistent. You don't even need someone to tell you what to do, just be observant, watch some people who made it, watch what they do and try to apply some of their movements. You don't necessarily need to copy exactly every movement that they are using, just use some that you think is useful and will give you a little direction then improvise on your own.

It's not about being flawless, smooth or well trained. It is about doing, executing and making your own. It is about being proud of what you have and using what you know to the fullest even if it looks awkward, basic or amateur. You can become successful even if you don't know a lot about technicalities. Some people are very technical and very detailed but their outputs were not as good as advertised.

So take actions now and never mind if you only knew a few basic things. With the very little skill and knowledge you have... you can go very far if you will repeat it over and over again. Because you will manage to improve what you have if you keep on using it. Don't hide what you know, use it and expose it. Some people will also benefit from the knowledge that you have. They may even copy some of your tricks.

So don't get overwhelmed if you saw someone more technical than you, remember that it is not about the technical side, it is about execution and making consistent progress. It is about loving your work and progressing everyday.

Being technical doesn't mean you're really good, it just simply means you know something, there is nothing more than that. A lot of people were just good in talking, they were good in technical aspects but when it comes to execution and making something work... they can't do it. They don't even know what to do next. Sometimes just simply following your instincts will make you successful.

A lot of people become successful without even being technical, they simply follow the basics and become good at it by working hard everyday. For them, consistency is better than technicality. Because you can become very technical but if you're not consistent then you will still never go far. But if you're consistent, you can become very technical in the end, you will be able to produce your own style and technique.

Just enjoy the process, enjoy what you're doing and that's it. If you can have a lot of fun in anything that you do, you can sustain the efforts for a very long time and success will come to you in just a matter of time. Just follow your heart and you will be fine. 

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