May 13, 2017


If you've been rejected for so many times, just keep on trying because it doesn't matter how many times you fail, what matters is how you feel. If you still feel motivated after failing for a lot of times, you will become successful in just a matter of time. Because if you keep on failing and trying, it means you're on the flow of success. Being successful is not all about winning and achieving money, trophies, houses, cars, plaque of appreciation etc. If you wanted to become successful, you also need to enjoy failing. Because the path of success is also filled with failures, disappointments, depression, stress and any other negative emotions. But if you can keep that faith back and remain motivated for a very long time... you already won.

So if you are failing constantly, it only means you are inline with success, it means success is very close to you. Only if you still have a positive attitude and you are still doing something to keep growing everyday.

So never get tired of failing, never get tired of being rejected. Just keep pushing because if it is really hard, it means you are very close to winning, it means the doors will open in just a matter of time.

You can never be a loser forever if you keep trying, you will never stay at the bottom forever if you are really grinding. And when I say grinding, it means real real hardwork, not just a fake work that is main intention is to impress everyone. You don't need to tell everyone that you are working hard, you don't need to impress them and get sympathy from them.

Keep failing and failing and treat it as nothing. It can't harm you, it can't destroy your confidence. All the failing does is make you stronger and smarter. Never get discouraged if you are failing because it means success is just around the corner, it is just playing hard to get. You will be able to conquer it in just a matter of time.

If you are not failing it means you are not even trying, it means you are playing safe or maybe not playing at all. It means you are stagnant and you are not doing anything. Those people who never fail never do anything. They are completely obsolete and will never achieve anything in this world.

Don't be like other people who gets tired easily after failing a couple of times. Look where they are now... they are still in the same position, they never made any significant change in their lives. That is what will happen to you if you are afraid of failing... you will never get anything.

Failure is the only door to success, if you fail now it means you will win tomorrow. Keep that in mind, enjoy failing and just laugh at it when it happens because the only way to not get hard on yourself is to take it easy, treat failure as an ordinary event and keep in mind that it is the most important ingredient to success.

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