May 10, 2017


The best place is where you are right now, not paris, not somewhere in europe, not on a beach, not on the top of the mountain. The best place is where you are sitting or standing right now, there is no other place better than were you at right now because you can do anything that you wanted to do at the moment.

But yet you take it for granted, you always wanted to go somewhere else, you wanted to go to other places that you think will make you happy, you never know that you can be happy at the moment. If you are sitting in your car and there is too much traffic, don't think about going home so fast, that kind of approach is what makes the stress even stronger. You can enjoy the music in your car, look for different commercial billboards, look for other cars beside you. Maybe it sounds a little boring but it is true that you can be happy where you are if you will only own your mind and stop making traffic a big deal. You can always appreciate the place where you at, it is easy if you will just be patient and stop looking to make time fast.

If you are in your classroom and the professor is mean, don't ever think of going to some other place, just sit on your chair because it is the best place to become happy. Just endure the meanness of your professor, just be happy that you might be able to learn something. Even if he is embarrassing you, you can have fun with it. Show him that you are not affected and that is not a big deal, you will see that he will somehow get affected too with your behavior.

If you are at your work and the time is so slow, don't ever think of going home so fast, don't ever think of going to a bar and drinking some beer. You are wasting your time if you are not appreciating where you at right now because you can never bring back those time again. The time that you become stressed is still a part of your life, it is either you savor it or you treat it like a worse part of your life. It is all in your mind, if you can't enjoy where you at right now... you can never enjoy too if you are at other places, even if those places are comfortable, you can never fully enjoy it because you are always thinking about some other things that you think will make you happier.

If you are eating your lunch and your drink is only water... enjoy it, be happy with that simple water. Don't think about drinking a cola or an expensive juice, that will only ruin your lunch. Enjoy your water and learn to appreciate it because without it... you might choke.

The reason why you can't enjoy your life is because you are always thinking about other places and other things. You want to change your situation right away, you don't want to embrace the emotions that you are feeling, you are always seeing scarcity in your life.

If you will just learn to accept your situation and be really happy about it... you can attract better situations in life. Stop planning for vacation, stop planning for treating yourself because you are suffering now. Those things will come naturally, don't get too hard on yourself and think that your goals are not yet happening, those things will come if you will enjoy the process, if you will just enjoy what is happening now because that is what life is all about... enjoying every second of your life and learning to be happy no matter where you are. It is a very good and effective trick to live your life to the fullest.

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