May 26, 2017


There are instance where you need to downgrade a little bit to upgrade your life. There is nothing wrong with leveling down or playing small a little bit, there is nothing wrong with it especially if it is the only way to bring your life back.

If your apartment is too big and you can't pay the rent anymore, I guess it is time to look for a smaller and cheaper apartment. Swallow your pride and do it, forget about what people say, what matters is you bring your life back. You need the small money that you can save for downgrading your apartment. It can be a deciding factor so don't be afraid to try it. This is not permanent, you can still go back to your rich lifestyle once you get back on track and earning a lot again. If you can just shut down your ego and do what is necessary then you can have a lot of breathing room, you will have more freedom and flexibility.

Another example is having two or three cars, do you really need it? it is hard to maintain two cars at a time. The payment of insurance is doubled, the yearly maintenance is doubled, it is causing a lot of damage to your financial stability. It's ok to have two or three cars if your life is not being affected and you can still feel a lot of freedom but if that kind of lifestyle is suffocating you then you better do something about it. Downgrade to upgrade, sell the other two cars. You only need one car, you can always make adjustments, you can always adapt. Once you feel that you can afford to support two or more cars again then do it. But if that kind of set up is making you feel poor then you shouldn't hesitate to downgrade. You can always upgrade later when your financial status is good again. You can only buy expensive things if it doesn't bother you, if it will not affect your financial status.

The truth is less is more, you will feel better if you have lesser things to maintain. That is why having smaller circle with true people is better than having a lot of friends but most of them are fake.

You can always upgrade your life if you will get rid of the things and set ups that is slowing you down. You should cross out the things and people in your life that doesn't make you grow.

Downgrade the internet service if it is too expensive, you can still find a decent internet service that will still help you and give you the information that you need. Downgrade your collection of shoes if you can't buy any pair of shoes anymore, sell them for lower prices just to get some money.

In life, you can't always be on top, sometimes you need to shut down your ego and accept that you are losing. You need to downgrade your life a little bit so you can find the real path that will make your life better. You can still go back to the top once you find that rhythm of succeeding again, but for a while you need to slow down a little bit and make the necessary adjustments in your life. There is nothing wrong in looking poor or looking average, what matters is deep inside you know you are doing what is best for your life.

A lot of people wants to look good, rich and powerful that is why they buy a lot of stupid stuffs that makes them poorer. They can't abstain for a while and do what is needed, all they want is to look rich that is why they end up being broke in the end.

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