May 17, 2017


You always wanted to stop the moment you get tired. Sometimes it is all in your mind, sometimes you think you are tired because you are always looking for comfort, you are always looking for an excuse. You don't want to continue anymore because you already accepted that your mind and body has already reached its limit.

That is not winning is all about, that is not being successful is all about. If you want to become victorious.... you should never stop moving, it is ok to become slow, it is ok to slow down your pace but don't ever stop because the momentum will die if you do that.

It is ok to slow down, it is still moving, it doesn't mean you're quitting. Accept that you're weakening a little bit because it is normal, you're just a human and you can get tired too. But once you slow down, you will be able to gather your energy back, you will be able to catch your breathing, you can think clearly and make plans for a better execution.

Slowing down is better than stopping, if you stop you will lose everything you work for, you will become weaker because the momentum will die and it will be very hard for you to come back. Just like in running, it is better to slow down if your legs were tired than to stop because once you stop... your brain also stop, it will be very hard for you to come back running again because your mind will create a lot of excuses to avoid running again.

So if you are pursuing a goal, keep moving even if you are slow, keep making actions even if it looks like it is not making a difference because those tiny actions will accumulate in the end, it will all sum up for a great result.

Just breathe, focus on one breathe at a time and one move at a time. You can keep doing it forever, being tired is just a trick, it is tricking you to stop taking actions. You can even rest while moving, just move very slow and your mind and body will become refreshed little by little.

Just like walking on a dessert without water to drink... you keep moving even if you are slow until you reach your destination. You keep hoping that it will rain, you keep believing that you will find a fountain of water.

Because once you stop... it is all over for you, you already died, you already lost your momentum. So keep enjoying being slow, keep enjoying that pace until you become fast again and strong again. Your energy will come back if you don't stop moving, you will find your way back on top of your game again.

The key here is to stop looking for the finish line, stop looking for the time remaining and steps remaining to reach your destination. Keep working and breathing, you will get there if you don't stop.

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