May 22, 2017


Sometimes you are questioning your work, you are questioning your project, business or process if it is working and giving you something to gain. But that is not the right kind of approach if you want to become successful. Success requires time, it requires a lot of patience, love and passion for it to become a reality.

You need to exert a lot of effort, endure a lot of pain and find ways or thoughts how to make your journey last forever. It is not about looking at what you're doing and thinking if it is effective or not. Because at the moment it may not be effective yet but in the end you will see that it is working if you are tenacious enough to keep going and grinding.

You can't become successful because you are always questioning the process, you are always questioning your work and always wondering if it is working or not. For sure it is working but you have to give it some time, be patient and look for ways to make your self motivated everyday. Seek for tenacity not for effectivity. Make yourself tenacious enough and endure a lot of stressful days. Make your work longer, survive it just for today then survive it again tomorrow. Make sure you will survive it every single day.

If you are always looking for progress then you will not progress. You are only slowing yourself, you are only putting yourself in a wrong state of mind. Once you work hard... make it consistent and for sure you will get the results you want, sometimes you will be even surprised because you get more than what you expected.

Always make sure that your foundation is getting stronger and stronger everyday. Always make sure that your identity is getting bolder and you are not changing your mindset every now and then. Your identity should be tenacious, tough and will never quit until the end. Everyone is quitting, don't be like them, be the one who will push until you become successful.

Focus on your strength, focus on what you can do, never fold during adversity, embrace it and keep moving forward. Because nothing will happen to you if you are always soft and trying to become comfortable.

Yeah, you will become comfortable once you stop and complain but the exchange of that comfort is misery and regrets in the end.

The reality is... you can always extend what you're doing, you can always keep moving forward. Yeah, you will feel bad, you will feel a lot of negative emotions but that suffering will never last. You will become victorious if you stay with pain. You will see hope and get a lot of momentum if you stay on your course and keep fighting back. Remember that life is only one, you can never have another chance if you waste it. Just be slow if you're really in pain but don't look for results, don't look for the finish line, keep working until you win.

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