May 02, 2017


Most people when they experience adversity in anything that they are doing... they will look for an exit, they will look for an easy way out. They don't want to feel the pressure anymore, they don't want to get hurt. And that is the main reason why they can't become successful. They make a lot of reasons and invent a lot of stories why the are not successful but there is only one true reason... they quit. They look for an exit because they can't take it anymore, they can't take the pain, they are not willing to do the process forever.

There is only one way to win... and that is to stay in the game regardless of how you feel. If you will not push yourself then you will be pulled down. You will never see what you wanted to see, you will never touch what you wanted to touch. It is all about who can take the pain longer, who can stay with the process forever.

Looking for an exit will make you a loser. Yeah, you will become comfortable but that will only stay for a very short time, you will feel comfortable because you are resting but that comfort will turn into regret in just a matter of time. The equivalent of exit is quit, are you a quitter or a winner? define yourself now and redefine later.

A lot of athletes, I mean really good athletes were very talented, skilled and has the strength to win the game but what they do? they quit, they exit the discomfort. That is why they were never a winner, they exit the game before it ends. You see, it is not the most talented that will succeed, it is the one that stays on the journey until he wins. It is the one who makes sacrifices and endure the hardship of winning.

The logic is very simple, just wait until you gather your strength again, just wait for your momentum again but keep moving and working even if you are slow. You gotta be bad ass consistent, you have to keep that fire burning.

Always imagine that you will win, it is the best way to stay in the game. Keep your hope alive and enjoy being in a bad spot, remember that being in a bad spot is just temporary. Your situation will change in just a moment. It is just a matter of staying in the game and forget the comfortable situation, totally forget it. You will become comfortable in the end once you win.

Pressure is normal, getting frustrated is normal, if you will consider those things as not a big deal then you will go further. You will be able to achieve more and do more.

Have pervert pleasure in pain, make it a part of your life and everything will be easy. A lot of people were so afraid of pain, they were so afraid of getting tire, all they want is pleasure that is why they are suffering in the end. Suffer now and you will live an easier life later, be lazy now and you will have a lot of regrets in the end.

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