May 05, 2017


The result is hurting you that is why you don't want to try again anymore. You are so attached with the results and it is playing with your emotions. Once you got rejected by a company or by someone... you feel bad. Once you didn't pass the exam... you feel so bad. Once you lose in a game.. you feel devastated.

Never let a result hurt you because it will destroy your confidence, it will make you unmotivated to try again. A result is just a result, it is nothing, it has nothing to do with your true personality. Don't dwell about it so much because you are only hurting yourself by doing that.

If you fail, move on right away and forget what happened yesterday. A person who can move on so fast will become successful so fast. Unwanted results will kill you if you let it stay on your mind for so long.

Come to think of it.. are you going to die if the results weren't in your favor? are you going to get sick or become broke if you didn't get what you want? losing is part of the process. Losing will make your very strong if you take it positively and have high hopes in the future.

A lot of people have potential to become great but their emotional immune system is very weak, they can't take rejection, they can't take losing. All they want is to win, all they want is having what they want right away without even trying. That is why they can't go any further, that is why they can't do something great.

Any result that you get... be ok with it, if you can't be proud of it then just accept it. Good or bad results, it should not affect you, it should not hurt you. That is what a strong person does... he is happy with any kind of result because he always knew, there are plenty of good opportunities that are waiting for him.

You can always try tomorrow, you can always try next week. Good things are about to come for people who always stay positive. All you need to do is try again, keep moving forward again and that's it. You may need to take some time to rest and reevaluate what you need to do. But once you figure it out what to do next... be like a speeding bullet who take actions right away. Never let memories from the past stop you, never let bad experiences from the past destroy your confidence.

A real winner never gets tired of trying, he doesn't mind being rejected or losing a million times. All he know is he need to win just once, all he know is he need to try again.

Result is just one thing, what you will do next is the bigger thing. You can get the result that you want today but what will you do next? are you going to push and strive for more you are you just going to relax and become lazy the following days? good results may slow you down, it may make you arrogant so always be aware of yourself. Just keep in mind that it is what you will do next that matters and not what is happening now.

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