May 16, 2017


Don't ever feel guilty about doing something if it makes you feel good while doing it, especially if what you're doing is positive and something productive. Don't feel ashamed while doing it, don't ever feel ashamed of the things that makes you happy.

If you are playing any kind of musical instrument and someone is telling you that some of the notes you are playing is off and out of tune... forget about it, never mind those people. Don't be ashamed if you are not playing perfectly, what matters is you are very happy while playing your instrument, your feeling is what matters and not their perspectives.

Because life is all about having fun, being creative and being free. Celebrate your freedom, celebrate your ability to move and do positive things even if it is nor perfect. Just keep on doing it and it will become perfect one day.

If you have a business and you're really having fun doing it... even if it is not earning something and people were mocking you... never mind them. Just keep having fun and try to make it grow everyday, if you really love what you're doing... one day you will be rewarded for the efforts that you exerted. don't be ashamed if it is not yet earning, just nurture your feelings and keep the fun alive. That is the secret to success... having fun while you're down.

If you know that success doesn't appear in the beginning then you should really have a lot of fun while you're struggling. You should still feel excited even if there is no reason to be excited. Any state can be created, all you have to do is own your mind and always put it on the positive side. You can become happy even if things aren't going on your way.

So if you are having fun in anything that you are doing... don't be ashamed of it even if some people thinks that it is stupid. They are just jealous because they can't be happy for themselves, they can't find their passion, or maybe the already knew it, they were just afraid to be called stupid by other people like them who were also narrow minded.

The key to success is to always feel good, excited and motivated. Because you need the emotions that will make you move, do you think negative emotions will make you move? of course not. You need positive emotions to keep you grinding and working even if it is hard. So be proud of your journey even if it means nothing to others, be proud of it and always nurture the positive emotions that it gives to you.

Because at the end of the day... it is your happiness that matters. Don't be like everyone who doesn't want to do what they love to do because they were so afraid of being judged. They were so afraid of critics and humiliation. But what happen to them in the end? they were full of regrets, they wish that they can turn back time and look stupid but happy.

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