May 03, 2017


You like it, you like what is happening in your life. Don't act like you don't like it and you don't choose it. Don't act like you don't have any other options that is why your life is like that.

If you are broke now, don't act like you don't like it or it is not your choice. Of course it is your choice, you're lazy in the past, you think negatively in the past, you love just bumming around doing nothing. You are the only one to blame for your life so don't act like it is not your fault. It is your life, you are the one creating it so whose fault is it if it is not you?

You like everything that is happening in your life, if you don't like it now maybe it is because you realized your mistakes but the truth is you're so much having fun in the past while you haven't seen what could happen yet.

Everything you have now... you like it. If you don't like it then you will do something to change it. But what are you doing? you are still allowing bad things to happen into your life. You still don't move, you still take every second for granted. You're acting like innocent, you're playing the victim role even though you are the real suspect.

Everything that is happening to you was attracted by you. Your situation is based on your actions from the past. It is based on your thinking. You like everything in your life because if not... then you will force yourself to take actions. You will be courageous to face the pain just to change your present situation.

But it is not too late, you still have a chance, you can dislike what you like so you will be able to change your situation.

DISLIKE LAZINESS. Even if you hate to admit that you're lazy... yes you are. You love laziness so much that is why you weren't able to produce results in your life. You have to dislike laziness now so you can have a bright future. You have to like working hard and full be in love with so that success will be attracted to you so fast.

DISLIKE GOSSIPS. This is a big distraction, you were so in love with gossips. You want to know what is happening with other people, you are celebrating if someone is failing. You love to see someone suffering. Even if you don't want to admit it... you love gossips. You have to get rid of it now because it is eating a lot of your precious time. It is poisoning your mind, it is making you think the wrong way, your focus is on the wrong side.

DISLIKE PROCRASTINATION. You love it too so much. That is why you can't finish a simple task. That is why you are so left behind. That is why you can't have a momentum. You have to dislike procrastination now and begin to like "doing it right away" do it even if you don't like it, doing it right away will make you like the task that you are doing even if you hate it in the beginning.

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