May 04, 2017


In anything that you do, you must do it for yourself and not for others so that you will have an amazing result.

If you are playing music, play it for yourself, play it the way you wanted to play it. Choose a song that you wanted to play, never follow the crowd. Never listen to them and agree to them what should be played. If they don't like your music then fine, just keep playing even if no one is listening. Because that is the most effective way to become happy... doing it your way. If you are playing music for others then you will never be happy because you are playing to please them and not to please yourself which is a very wrong way of doing things. That is why most show bands are not happy... they are playing for the crowd, they are even playing some music that they don't really like.

If you are playing some kind of a sport... play for yourself, play the game because it makes you happy. Don't play for your coach because you will only get pressured if you are always thinking about pleasing him. You will even make a lot of mistakes if you are following all of his orders. You know how to win and you know how to play the game... do it, play for yourself and have a lot of fun. Be loose and don't be afraid to make mistakes, always play with your heart, do the things that makes you really happy. Execute your own play, have fun there and always be focus on how you feel. Your instincts will guide you so don't be afraid.

If you are working and earning money, work for yourself, work because you want to have a better life. Don't work and earn money and then just give it to other people. You are the one who is working and sweating so they don't have the right to ask for some of your money. The only people who are deserving to ask some help from you is your family. If other people feels like they are entitled to get a share of your cake... dump them and reject them, kick them out of your circle. Control your money, don't let other people control it for you. It is not about being selfish, it is about being smart because at the end of the day... when there comes a time that you don't have money anymore... you will regret all of your decisions.

If you are doing something... always do it for yourself, make sure you are pleasing yourself and not other people because it is your life, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to fully express yourself. You can decide for your own life, you can choose how to be happy, you can do it your way and you can get away with it if you made some mistakes. If you are doing something for others then you will never be happy, there is always a pressure, there is always an expectation. And let me remind you again... the partner of expectation is pain.

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