May 27, 2017


It is something that will make your belief stronger, it is something that will make your faith stronger to keep pushing and do something that will make your position better. Placebo effect is true, the stronger your belief the more effective it will become.

Because if you have no other hope, if doctors can't save you, if self development coaches can't save your life, if a magician can't create miracles in your life then you should learn to practice your own belief, it is time to create something that will make your faith stronger. It is time to create your own process that will make your life better than yesterday.

You have nothing to lose here. You already lost, you already lose your hope from other people so why not try something else that will create a dramatic change in your life?

Some people gets healed by trying the placebo effect, it's not the effectiveness of medicine that heals them, it's their beliefs that creates the miracles. It's their belief that gives power to the medicine.

If you have a strong belief in something... you will try it, you will do it, you will trust it. Your energy will change, you will have a strong hope that will give you the energy to keep going.

So if you're sick and tired doing a process that you think is not working... find something else. Make a deep research about a magic pill or process that cures an incurable disease. Do it, fully believe in it. Surrender to it and be ready to embrace the process until you get the results that you wanted. Make your belief stronger everyday, if you have to lie to yourself that you're doing fine then do it. Think super positive because it is the main ingredient of placebo.

Not only in sickness you can use the placebo effect. You can use it on your journey too, you can use it to become successful.

You can find a food, a medicine or a process that will make you work harder, stay motivated and hungry. But make sure that what you will use is something that is not dangerous to your health, it is better to use natural placebo.

My knees are really hurting when I was at the age of 32. I don't know if it is an arthritis or a severe injury. I can't even play basketball. I am so sick and tired of not being able to play so I created a placebo effect on my own. I never use food or medicine. I use a process, I use the intermittent fasting. It may sound crazy but it helps me, I believe in it, I believe that fasting will change some cells in my body, and it works. I was able to play basketball now, I am still healing, my knees were getting stronger.

The lesson here is... if you really believe in something then it will work for you. You have to give your full faith and never doubt the process.

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