May 28, 2017


To be yourself, expressing yourself, you show your true colors... is that hardest thing to do. We are now entering a generation full of fakes because of social media. People wanted to look good, cool, kind, rich, gorgeous and perfect. Everyone wants to fit in, no one dares to become himself especially thorough the eyes of judgemental people. Everyone wants to become flawless, this kind of mentality will avoid you from expressing yourself.

Did you know that holding yourself back is the ugliest feeling in the world? you feel hopeless, you feel useless. You have something on your mind, you wanted to do something, you want to break free but you can't do it. Simply because you're so afraid to look like a loser, you are so in love looking like a winner even if you're really not that is why you are so conservative and you don't want to make mistakes.

Some NBA players chooses to join a stronger team even if their playing time will diminished. They said that winning a championship ring is what matters. But when they were already in the position where they are so frustrated because they can't even play a single second on court... they freak out, they make dramas. Sometimes they pretend that it is ok, that it is alright to not play for as long as the team is winning. Seeing players pretending to be happy without a participating a game is the fakest thing I ever seen. I wonder how they really feel inside.

But if you choose to express yourself, if you choose to do it your way, execute your ideas and see what is possible if you take actions... you will be very happy. You will feel a different kind of joy that you haven't felt before. That is what expressing yourself does. Yeah it is true that winning will make you happy, but if you win without having to express yourself to the fullest then you will feel incomplete, you will feel that there is a deep hole in your soul. But if you express yourself and give everything you've got, if you use all your powers, skills and ideas... that is the real happiness, that is the true bliss that your soul is looking for.

A lot of people wants to escape their comfort zone but they don't want to do it because they want to win right away. A lot of doctors wants to become an entrepreneur, a lot of businessman wants to become an actor, a lot of teachers wants to become a singer and list goes on but they choose to kill their dreams because they are winning at the moment, their career is going well and they don't want to leave it. That is why they have big regrets in the end, there is always "what if's" in their brain. Their dead dreams are haunting them.

Accept that you can lose, you can be cursed, you can be mocked and criticized if you do it your way. A lot of people will raise their eyebrows on you and will ask you who do you think you are. But on the other side, you will feel very happy because you follow your heart, you will feel very successful even if you are losing at the moment. And if you keep persevering, if you keep trying and trying again... you will become successful too in some ways, you will find what is missing in your life, you will find the real happiness.

Express yourself, do what you wanted to do, pursue your dreams, do it your way. Use all of your ideas... that is the only way to live.

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