May 09, 2017


You think you are building your dreams huh? you think you are on your way of getting it and when things are not going well.. you will blame people, government, bad luck etc. etc. The truth is... if you are building your dreams then you are also building yourself. So if you are always complaining while you are traveling your journey then it means you will not get it. Because you become a different person while you are pursuing your dreams, you may improve or you may get worse while you are building your dreams. So if you are having a bad attitude while pursuing your dreams... it means you will fail, as simple as that.

Some people works hard even more while they are pursuing their dreams while some people gets lazy even more, they became impatient, they want results right away that is they they can't succeed.

So if you want to become successful... build yourself and not your dreams. Don't let your dreams build you into someone that is not capable of staying longer. Build yourself into something that will persevere until the end, build yourself into something that will do whatever it takes to win.

Because the reality is... it is the person that you transform into that matters. It is not the dream itself. Come to think of it, in the past, remember when you become successful at something... you become confident right? you are happy because you never think that you will become successful but you made it, you never imagine that you can do it too, you think that it is hard in the beginning but you made it. You will tell yourself that it is easy if you only have the proper mindset to do it.

So build yourself, have that mindset of winning, don't look for the prizes that you will get once you become successful. Look at yourself, study yourself and honestly make an assessment of yourself and admit what kind of a person you are now. If you're a bad person now with lazy habits then it means you are not becoming successful, as simple as that.

But if you are a better person than yesterday, even if the results were not showing yet then you already succeeded. Because you will get all of those things later once you keep getting better everyday, the process itself and the transformation is the real prize, not the houses, money or cars. It is what you've become that matters.

Build that determination, build that habits of winning, build that mindset of winning. Don't look for your dreams because it will not happen if you're not better than yesterday, focus on improvement and not on the destination. You know in yourself if you are doing well or not, you know in yourself if you are gaining something.

It will be very easy if you are focused on yourself, the proper pieces for your success will fall into its designated places naturally. You don't even need to force something to happen, something will happen if you keep on getting better each day.

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