May 23, 2017


It is ok to believe in Gods, it is ok to worship any form of super natural powers, it is ok to become religious.

You can choose whatever religion you want, you can worship anything and have faith on anything but don't ever put your fate on their hands. Meaning, don't ever put your full 100 percent trust that some kind of a super natural powers can help you because chances are... you will only become disappointed in the end. Because if you will just rely on Gods, you will never work for yourself, you will never work hard, you will become lazy because all you will do is wish for something without working for it.

I know a lot of religious person, they act like they were so clean, they talk like they know everything and they feel like their lives were being taken care of because they have strong fain on their religion. But if you will take a look at them closely.. their lives were full of shits. Sometimes they were even using their religion to get some money.

They never work hard, they were so lazy, they feel like everything in their lives were ok because they have strong faith in their religion. But some of them were full of debts, some of them were jealous at other people's success. It is simply because all they do is pray, wish, beg and believe that one day all of their dreams will come true because their faith is so strong.

The conclusion is... God will help you if you are willing to help yourself, if you are working hard then good things will happen to you but if you're just purely expecting help from him then he will not help you. If all you do is pray and expect that your life will change then it will never change. You are just fooling yourself.

You are the one who is creating your destiny, you are the one who is in charge for the outcome of your life. You are the captain of your own ship. Help and assistance will come, it will come from unexpected moments if you are really busting your ass and forcing things to happen.

So if you want to become successful or achieve a certain level... believe in yourself and never expect to get lucky. Never expect for things to get handed to you, always remember that you are the one responsible for the outcome of your life. God is only there to guide you and help you if you are deserving to get some help.

If your strategy is all about praying and asking for help then nothing will happen to you, you must help yourself and learn how to stand on your own feet. Your body is build to succeed, you must use all what is functioning in your life and make the best out of it to receive the outcome that you are expecting. It is you and only you who is responsible for your life.

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