May 07, 2017


To become successful in what you're doing... you have to be yourself regardless of who is watching. Sometimes the reason why you can't perform at the highest level is because you care too much about the people who are watching. You can't be yourself, you are acting differently, you are not operating at your maximum potential. And that is why you are failing, that is why you get frustrated, that is why after your performance... you have regrets because you weren't able to give your best. You care too much about how they feel and not on how you feel.

If your boss is watching you working, you can't give your best, you're scared, you can't type the keyboard, your mind is freezing, you are having a mental block. You are scared of making mistakes because you are thinking that he might get angry at you. You can't use your skills, you know what to do but you are having a hard time moving because you are so scared of making a mistake. So the conclusion is... your boss is making you weak, other people are making you weak. You are so scared of being judged by other people. Your focus is not to do the task but to avoid making mistakes which is very wrong because it is making you slow.

If there is a well known personality or let's just say someone who is better than you... you can't move, you are stunned, you feel like every movement you made is being criticized, you feel like you're not good enough. You feel like an amateur because a professional is watching you. You should not feel this way, you should give your best regardless of who is watching because that is the only way to succeed. You should make giving your best as your only option and nothing else other than that. And so what if someone is better than you, if you are not giving that someone an attention then he will not even matter into your life.

Always be yourself in any situation because it is the best way to show them what you've got, it is the best way to standout and become successful. Being yourself is very difficult to do but once you mastered it, you will feel invincible, you will feel like you can control any situation, you will feel like a king that isn't afraid of anything or anyone.

Being yourself is hard to do but the technique is very simple.... JUST ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF THE MOMENT. Enjoy every movement that you made, enjoy every scenario, even if you are suffering or having a hard time, you still need to enjoy it. If you can't enjoy it then at least just be patient. Never try to escape the situation nor change it, just have fun with it even if it is not fun. Be aware of what is happening, be aware of how you feel and never get frustrated even if your situation is really hard. Because the truth is... even if the president or the most powerful man is watching you... you are still the one who is in control of your life, they can make comments, they can give you negative remarks but it is still up to you how are you going to do something.

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