May 04, 2017


What is 20 seconds of fame? it is being the topic of the conversation for just 20 seconds because you did something that somehow catches the attention of people but after 20 seconds your life goes back to normal, they don't care about you again.

You post on Instagram or facebook that you are on a vacation, you post your beautiful pictures with nice filters, everyone likes your pictures, you've been famous for 20 seconds. It puts a smile on your face, some people even leave a comment on the comment box but after that... now what? are you still popular? what will you do tomorrow because you don't have money anymore? you spent all of your money in your vacation. No what? are you going to borrow some money from your office mates again? or are you going to pretend that someone robbed you so they will give you sympathy and they will let you borrow some money? That is what you get by aiming for 20 seconds of fame, that is what you will get by trying to impress people... you will suffer later.

You post something is social media about your problems, you are telling them that you are so mad because your neighbor is singing a videoke all day long, you are even proud that you shout at your neighbor and you fight them, after that now what? Are you really happy? are you happy that you have an enemy and you tell the world how brave you are? you only have 20 seconds of fame, after that you will feel bad, you will feel lost and guilty. You will begin to realize the mistake that you just did.

20 seconds of fame is being popular for 20 seconds but it is nothing more than that, the worse is you even put yourself in a bad position. You make decisions and actions just to get some attention from other people in exchange of suffering later.

Some people will even make lies and false stories just to get attention from other people. They will invent plots that will destroy other people's reputation just to have something to talk about. But in the end, that kind of act didn't give them anything. Of course they will get some attention for a while but in the long run... people are still not interested. The truth will be revealed and they will still look like a loser in the end.

Being needy from attention will only destroy your reputation. You will look unnatural, fake and your timing is so awkward.

Just work hard and do your best and you will get some attention from other people without even doing some stupid things. They will see your value, they will see that you are something to talk about and you have an interesting character that will make them interested.

It's all about being natural and true to yourself. You don't need to be needy, you don't need to impress other people. Just be yourself and you will be rewarded.

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