May 03, 2017


There is only one question you should ask yourself if you want to become successful... are you pushing or are you pulling?

Are you pushing yourself to move and get what you want? or are you pulling yourself back and not do anything? are you letting fear hold you back? or are you pushing yourself to become courageous to try everything that is possible? 

It's in your hands, it's up to you if you want to win or not. The decision is yours, the actions comes from you. Nobody is going to do it for you. The best thing to do is just push yourself to do something positive for your dreams. Push consistently, never pull back.

You can always do something for yourself, there are millions of ways to become successful, you just need to persevere and fight for what you want.

Because there is no point in pulling back. You can be afraid all day long and play safe, you can rest on your couch and watch some cartoons but how in the world will that act can help you? You have to push yourself to stand up and do something positive, do something that will make you one step closer to your dreams.

When I say push it doesn't mean a very strong effort that will make an impact tight away. Just push a little bit, get out of your comfort zone inch by inch. Make yourself a little bit uncomfortable, any action will do. You don't necessarily need to make an impact and huge progress. You just need to move inch by inch and put yourself in a better position than yesterday.

Step by step... do it. Push yourself, don't be afraid and don't stop. Time will come and all of your efforts will be rewarded. You have to take charge now or else you won't be able to do it. Pushing yourself means doing it now regardless of how you feel. If you will not do it, it means you are pulling yourself back, it means you are killing the momentum that was there.

Because there is no other way but to push yourself, staying relaxed won't work, it won't even work. The only way to make it work is to push yourself to take actions even if you feel lazy, tired and unmotivated.

People who became successful are always pushing themselves to take actions even if they are sick or not feeling well. They don't make excuses, they never waste a single day doing nothing.

If you find yourself not progressing, it only means you are not pushing.

So stay away from that lazy grid, move and do something. Anything will work, any push will give you a result. Small or big result, and even if you're not making any result at all... you will be alright if you keep pushing.

The time is now, don't wait for tomorrow or next week. Once you have that little urge in your heart that you want to accomplish something... follow your heart and never hold yourself back.

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