May 30, 2017


1. Always checking for results or improvement. Admit it or not, once you work hard for a couple of hours... you will check for results right away. You will check if there is an improvement in your body, career, skill, sales, business, weight etc. Success is not about getting what you want or making improvements now and then, it is all about staying with your journey, doing the right things and letting the results come naturally without looking for it or guarding it. If you are checking results every now and then... you are wasting a lot of time, you are not trusting the process. And the worse thing is... you will feel bad once you didn't see the results that you are expecting which leads to frustration. Stop checking about how far you need to go or if there are changes in what you're doing. Just keep moving forward and let winning happen without forcing it. You will only become unmotivated if you can't see any progress.

2. Rushing for money. Money will come if you're already good and the value of your service is already high. Stop asking for raise if you know that you didn't deserve it. Stop asking for more money if you are not willing to work for longer hours. You will be paid if you are deserving. Money will flow into your life if you already paid your dues. A lot of people hate their work because the pay is low. Some people even love their work but has lost interest on it because they are not getting rich, they don't know that they just need to wait for a few more months or even years and money will come to them. Don't rush money if you want to become successful, it will come to you, success is not all about money. It is all about freedom and happiness.

3. Constantly comparing your work with others. This is another time waster, why will you compare your work with others if you are truly confident about your work? This will only cause jealousy, you will feel bad once you see that someone is better than you. You can use a different style, you can use your own instinct, you may look weird in the beginning but it doesn't matter for as long as you're producing results. Don't compare your work with others because you will only get confused. You will begin to doubt your work and copy the process of others that will not work for you.

4. Always changing plans. Once you have the plan, stick with it. Never change it until you die, it is like all or nothing. Most people can't become successful because they are always changing plans, they will start something and when they found out that it is not working... they will change their plan right away. All plans will work, it may not work for the moment but it will work in the future.

5. Lack of focus. Working for one straight hour then resting and watching TV for 5 hours. Will grind today but will rest for a few days after. Your inability to focus is what stops you. A focused energy will attract a victory, a scattered energy will go nowhere. Keep your focus laser sharp and don't do anything else other than your goals.

6. Believing the crowd. If a large number of people say something not nice to you... you will believe them because they are too many. You believe them that you're not good enough, you believe them that you can't win. That is why your confidence is going down... you easily believe the crowd. Well guess what? the only person that you should believe is yourself, never entertain a thought that doesn't empower you.

7. Entertaining doubts. You doubt yourself, you entertain the thoughts of losing. If you really wanted to win then you should never entertain some doubts in your head. You should believe that you already won right before you even started. Because if you will doubt yourself... you already lost in the beginning, there is no more reason to keep going. If you don't believe in yourself then you will never win even if you work so hard.

8. Too slow to execute. Once you have an idea on your mind... do it right away, execute it right away, don't tell it to your friends, don't tell it to your mama or girlfriend... do it right away. Do it without any form of hesitation. Because if you will say to yourself that you will start it tomorrow, next week or next year... nothing will happen, you will do some other things that will give you good feelings. And where is your idea now? it is totally gone, it is flying in the air and someone will catch it. Execute that idea now and never stop until you become victorious.

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