May 09, 2017


Most people think that confidence is only for the chosen few. While some people are born with it already, there are some process or techniques that will help you to gain confidence. Like any other skills, confidence can be learned too, anyone can master it. All you need is patience, perseverance and the will to achieve it. Once you have that confidence you needed, your potential will be unlimited. You can have everything you want. 

1. Be the person who has the most number of tries. This will make you ruthless, this will make you a legend. Be the person who has the most number of tries. In anything that you are doing or pursuing... try as much as you can so that you will not be scared to fail again anymore. I will destroy your doubt and fears, of course you will fail a lot but those number of failures will make you feel invincible because it is not a big deal to you anymore if you fail, you will feel like you're just playing and you have nothing to lose anymore.

2. Fall in love with rejection. Rejection is painful but once you fall in love with it and you are not afraid of it anymore... you will never be afraid to ask for something, do something and get something. You are ok if you don't get it because it is not a big deal, it is like an ordinary situation that doesn't bother you. And that will give you so much confidence in the long run. Always remember that it is nothing. Rejection is normal so don't cry if you got rejected because that happening will only make you stronger than before.

3. Never look at someone as special nor one of a kind. You got intimidated with someone, you lose your confidence if you feel that someone special is around and he is such a huge presence. Well, the best thing to do is treat everyone as an ordinary human being, treat them as equal as you so you won't be conservative and you can still be yourself regardless of who is around. They're just human, you're just human so there is no big deal if someone who has a higher position than you is around. Even the mayor on your town... don't crumble when he is around. Always remember that you are special too, carry yourself like no one is above you and of course don't ever think that you're above everyone too, try to stay humble and just be yourself every second.

4. Be a workaholic. If you are a workaholic then you can become really good at something, and if you're good at something... that will give you a lot of confidence. You will feel that you have a purpose and you are contributing a lot to this world. Being a workaholic will make you avoid what other people are doing. Your own world will be built, you don't need to stop into other people's world because they are the ones who will go after you.

5. Forget the outcome. It's ok, regardless of what happens... it is always ok, forget the outcome and just keep doing your thing. Forget the results because there will always be people who will judge you even if you've done something perfectly. Just keep taking actions and enjoy every second of your life.

6. Just enjoy your emotions. Confident people are very good in faking their facial expressions. You think that they are always feeling good? no they are not. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable but what makes them special is they can always fake their facial expressions. They were able to enjoy their emotions even if it is not good. They were not in a hurry to feel good, they stay with their emotions even if it is really uncomfortable. So if you want to become really confident.. just enjoy your emotions, any kind of emotions from fear to doubt... just enjoy it and you will feel good later.

7. Don't be needy. If you are needy then you already destroyed your confidence from the very beginning. Confident people are so independent. They trust themselves, they will never ask for someone's help if they can do it by themselves. They will not ask for someone's attention because they know who they are and they don't need appreciation from other people. Being needy is the most unattractive trait of someone so if you want to always feel good... stop being needy and dependent.

8. Stop being a perfectionist. Just do it, have no conscience in doing it. Do it even if you suck, do it even if you feel like not doing it. Stop being a perfectionist because it will make you stiff, unloose and conservative. Just go all out, express yourself even if you are not perfect. Learn to let go and just produce something.

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