May 03, 2017


Just feeling positive will give you a good life. Life is all about emotions. It is not about the things you have, the accomplishments you have or the people around you. It is about handling your emotions and feeling the positive energy in your life. Some people have everything but they still can't become happy because they don't know the true meaning of life. If you can feel happy about everything then life will be very easy and enjoyable.

1. APPRECIATE ANYTHING THAT YOU HAVE. Whether it is an old shoe or a dress with a lot of holes on it... appreciate it. Appreciate because it is yours. If you will feel bad about it then you will just feel scarcity and you will always see what is missing in your life. Even in your skills and knowledge, even if you're just a novice in something or you're lacking skills... appreciate what you've got because you can make your knowledge and skills grow if you are happy with it. Be happy on any levels of life... it is one effective way to feel very positive.

2. BE OK WITH ANY KIND OF EMOTIONS. You can still feel a little bit happy even things aren't going on your way right? some people can still manage to smile even though they going trough a lot of things in their lives. And that makes them easy to cope up with any situation. Always remember that it is just an emotion. If you can stay with any emotion and avoid resisting it then you will be fine. You will always feel positive and hopeful. The more you resist any kind of emotion... the more it will become stronger so just stay with it, feel it and soon it will be gone.

3. ALWAYS THINK ABOUT YOUR GOALS. Remembering your goals will make you think the right way,  it will make you happy, think about achieving it, think about holding all of your goals. Aiming for something will make you feel positive. Imagine how happy you are just doing the process. Imagine yourself winning and succeeding.

4. THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WITH WORSE SITUATION THAN YOU. There are some people who are living a life that is tougher than you but they still manage to become positive with their life. If they can manage to become happy during tough times so as you. It's all about perspective, you can feel grateful even if things are not going on your way.

5. CONDITION YOUR MIND TO CHOOSE HAPPINESS. Fake your laugh if you needed to, fake happiness if you needed to until it becomes real. It's all about conditioning your mind to happiness. The more you focus on happiness and gratitude... the more life will become lighter for you.

6. THINK ABOUT THE CLOSEST PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. The closest and truest people in your life is one of the major reasons why you are living. They are giving you motivation, they are lessening the burdens in your life. Just always get attached with them and recreate with them. You will feel positive if you are getting support from the truest people in your life. You will feel secured and stable.

7. REMEMBER THE HAPPY PAST. Remember your marriage, your birthday party, your first kiss with your wife, your promotion, the happy times with your family. Being positive starts within your brain. If you can fill your brain with happy thoughts even if it comes from the past... it is much better, you will feel more positive and that will be a good starting point for feeling positive all day.

8. Forget your enemies. Your enemies are on the top of the list why you are feeling negatively. Forget them if you can't forgive them. They are burning you once you are thinking about them. The truth is... of course you don't even want to kill your enemies. So what is the point of thinking about them? just forget them and think that they doesn't even exist in this world... that will make your life even better.

9. JUST DO SOMETHING. Laziness creates negativity, worries, doubts and fears. If you can just wash the dishes, clean your car, wash your laundry or just jog for a few minutes... you will go back on the right track, you will feel better than ever. Your mind will operate in the right way and you will feel good about yourself, you will feel proud about yourself even if the things that you are accomplishing are just small things. Doing something will create a positive energy in your body, you will feel motivated and happier than ever.

10. BREATHE DEEPLY. Don't think just breathe deeply. You will feel that there is nothing to worry about, you will feel life even more if you are breathing. Very simple, it will make you feel good, it will somehow release the heaviness in your brain, it will clear the negative thoughts in your head. Breathe deeply and feel the air going in and out of your lungs. You will feel the senses in your body, you will even experience some goose bumps.

Feeling positive is very easy, you don't need to spend money or go to different places. Remember that it is all about emotions, it is all about the thoughts inside of your head, if you can manage yourself physically, mentally and emotionally then you will feel more positive. Don't ever rely on the external things such as money, spending, pleasing other people, impressing people, taking a vacation etc. Those things will make life even worse for you. Just focus on your body and mind... everything will be alright.

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