May 24, 2017


To become successful in one thing.. you must put as much as you can on it and then just tweak it later. Nevermind if what you are putting is not perfect or has some flaws, just put something, make it big as much as you can and then just tweak it later to make it close to perfection.

Because what you need to do is you need to establish the work ethic first. You need to establish a strong foundation first then just try to make it great in the end. It is not about a perfect start or flawless beginnings, it is all about putting something on what you're doing and trying to grow from it everyday.

It is like gaining an experience, you need to do something, make mistakes, just show something and then try to improve it later.

Once you have a lot of production, once you have a lot of creation... you can become very flexible and creative in the alter stage.

For example in boxing... you need to build your cardio first, you need to jog, exercise, do a lot of boxing shadows, make your body stronger... you need to put a lot of things first in the beginning and when you're confident enough and you know that you already master the basics then that is the time when you can study a lot of advance techniques and put a different style in yours system. Don't look for advance methods and forcing yourself to do it because you will only become disappointed once you learned that you can't do it.

It is like saving coins in your piggy bank, you make it grow, you become patient trying to save everyday and when you feel that what you save is too much... that is the time to move to another level. That is the time to try some other things that will make your position better.

This is a good method to anything. If you wanted to become great at something... you need to make the foundation very stable, you need to put a lot on it and then try to tweak your system or process to achieve greater results.

Another example is in business... if you just build a business today and you don't know what to do next. Just put something on it, put anything on your business. May it be a simple product, a simple exposure, a simple marketing strategy etc. Put a lot on it and then select what is working and cross out what is not working. It is like putting some fertilizers on a plant and watching it grow.

Keep in mind that any simple thing that you add in your system may work, it can accumulate in the end and it can give you the results that you wanted. Don't be shy to take a lot of actions because it is free. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because that is what success is all about. Put as much as you can, make your hands dirty, don't be afraid to get tired.

May 23, 2017


It is ok to believe in Gods, it is ok to worship any form of super natural powers, it is ok to become religious.

You can choose whatever religion you want, you can worship anything and have faith on anything but don't ever put your fate on their hands. Meaning, don't ever put your full 100 percent trust that some kind of a super natural powers can help you because chances are... you will only become disappointed in the end. Because if you will just rely on Gods, you will never work for yourself, you will never work hard, you will become lazy because all you will do is wish for something without working for it.

I know a lot of religious person, they act like they were so clean, they talk like they know everything and they feel like their lives were being taken care of because they have strong fain on their religion. But if you will take a look at them closely.. their lives were full of shits. Sometimes they were even using their religion to get some money.

They never work hard, they were so lazy, they feel like everything in their lives were ok because they have strong faith in their religion. But some of them were full of debts, some of them were jealous at other people's success. It is simply because all they do is pray, wish, beg and believe that one day all of their dreams will come true because their faith is so strong.

The conclusion is... God will help you if you are willing to help yourself, if you are working hard then good things will happen to you but if you're just purely expecting help from him then he will not help you. If all you do is pray and expect that your life will change then it will never change. You are just fooling yourself.

You are the one who is creating your destiny, you are the one who is in charge for the outcome of your life. You are the captain of your own ship. Help and assistance will come, it will come from unexpected moments if you are really busting your ass and forcing things to happen.

So if you want to become successful or achieve a certain level... believe in yourself and never expect to get lucky. Never expect for things to get handed to you, always remember that you are the one responsible for the outcome of your life. God is only there to guide you and help you if you are deserving to get some help.

If your strategy is all about praying and asking for help then nothing will happen to you, you must help yourself and learn how to stand on your own feet. Your body is build to succeed, you must use all what is functioning in your life and make the best out of it to receive the outcome that you are expecting. It is you and only you who is responsible for your life.

May 23, 2017


If things are not going on your way, if you work so hard and yet results are still not coming in... all you can do is get better.

Getting better will make your life easier, getting better is the number one success manifester. Because if you will just keep complaining in your life... nothing will happen to you, you will remain in the same position forever. It's very simple, it's very obvious, always complaining and doing nothing will set your life up to failing.

If your coach is not giving you playing time even if you are practicing everyday... all you can do is get better. Stop looking for what is not happening, start focusing on what you can do and that is to get better than yesterday. He may not use you again but the point here is you still get better than yesterday, you still evolve personally, you know in yourself that you are progressing even if people are not seeing it yet because you are not being used on court. But time will come and they can't deny you, they cannot keep you away from what you deserve because you get so much better that your value increases and they cannot ignore you anymore. They know you are so good, time will come and they will be the one chasing for you.

If your brand is not selling now... again, all you can do is get better. Make your brand better, make yourself better. That is the best way to attract success. Because if you keep leveling up everyday, people can't ignore you anymore. You will be so good that they can't deny you, the day will come that you will be the one who is in control. Even if you don't market your brand, people will be the ones who will market it because it is so good and it has a big value to offer.

So don't feel bad and hopeless if things are not going on your way, there is still a way and that is to get better. Of course you will not become successful fast, you will need to wait for a lot of time but one thing is for sure... your time will come, you will become the best and that is... if you keep your hope alive and get better everyday. Keep practicing, keep grinding, keep elevating yourself and do whatever it takes to become the best.

Getting better everyday is already a success, if you improve a little, even if that improvement is only .001 percent, that is still an improvement, it will still make you feel good and successful.

If things are not going on your way and you're not doing anything to get better then you will stay on that grid forever, nothing will happen to your life, you will become a failure forever. But if you keep on improving everyday, even if bad things are happening to you.., you will still feel motivated, you will still feel some kind of hope that one day... you will become successful.

Getting better is your only chance, it is your last card, it will be your main ticket to greatness so never stop doing it, stay with the process and patiently wait for your time.

May 23, 2017


Not him, not them, not anyone but you... you, you are the only reason for being offended. You offend yourself. You are so sensitive, you easily got hurt when they say something bad at you. You can't control their mouth, you can't control everything that they say. What you can control is how you feel, you can manipulate the thoughts that are entering your brain. But you are not doing it that is why you get easily offended. That is why you are crying by yourself and making all these kinds of dramas in your life.

Sensitivity is ugly. Your day will be ruined easily if you are sensitive. You are jailed by your own thoughts and interpretation of the situation. And even if sometimes their intention is to not offend you... you are still offended. You are easily destroyed by those little words that doesn't have any meaning. If you are offended, it only means you allow yourself to be offended, you are offended because you offend yourself by being less matured to accept the things that is out of your control.

It is ok to get offended but always be aware of yourself if you are dwelling with it too much. Get offended for just a few seconds, feel bad for just a few seconds then let it go as fast as you can. Focus on the more important things in life, focus on having fun in life. You can always control your emotions, just kill your ego and forget everything that you hear.

Being too much emotional is bad especially if it is making you do stupid things. What people do or say to you is none of your business, you can only react and retaliate if they touch you or hurt you physically. But if all they do is make you feel bad... the best thing to do is just ignore it because if you react violently... a lot of bad things will happen, you will regret it in the end.

Just remain calm, still and cool. Always put your emotions in control and never try to do stupid things. It is the best way to do if you find yourself offended.

And the truth is... if you will think deeply, what people say or do doesn't even matter if you know yourself and you are happy with your life. They cannot hurt you if you know what you are doing and where you are headed to. There are more important things in life and you must focus on those things.

If you have a goal and you are pursuing something, no one can offend you easily because you know it's just a waste of time dwelling with those things. You know you need a lot of time to become successful so those circumstances just look like a garbage and time waster for you. You will not even waste a single second giving attention to those things.

So stop being sensitive and emotional because you are not being yourself if you are easily offended. You might say words and do things that you will just regret in the end. The best thing to do is just laugh at it and move on so fast. Place your focus to the more important things that will make your life better, focus your attention to the things that you can control and that is... your thoughts and emotions.

May 22, 2017


Sometimes you are questioning your work, you are questioning your project, business or process if it is working and giving you something to gain. But that is not the right kind of approach if you want to become successful. Success requires time, it requires a lot of patience, love and passion for it to become a reality.

You need to exert a lot of effort, endure a lot of pain and find ways or thoughts how to make your journey last forever. It is not about looking at what you're doing and thinking if it is effective or not. Because at the moment it may not be effective yet but in the end you will see that it is working if you are tenacious enough to keep going and grinding.

You can't become successful because you are always questioning the process, you are always questioning your work and always wondering if it is working or not. For sure it is working but you have to give it some time, be patient and look for ways to make your self motivated everyday. Seek for tenacity not for effectivity. Make yourself tenacious enough and endure a lot of stressful days. Make your work longer, survive it just for today then survive it again tomorrow. Make sure you will survive it every single day.

If you are always looking for progress then you will not progress. You are only slowing yourself, you are only putting yourself in a wrong state of mind. Once you work hard... make it consistent and for sure you will get the results you want, sometimes you will be even surprised because you get more than what you expected.

Always make sure that your foundation is getting stronger and stronger everyday. Always make sure that your identity is getting bolder and you are not changing your mindset every now and then. Your identity should be tenacious, tough and will never quit until the end. Everyone is quitting, don't be like them, be the one who will push until you become successful.

Focus on your strength, focus on what you can do, never fold during adversity, embrace it and keep moving forward. Because nothing will happen to you if you are always soft and trying to become comfortable.

Yeah, you will become comfortable once you stop and complain but the exchange of that comfort is misery and regrets in the end.

The reality is... you can always extend what you're doing, you can always keep moving forward. Yeah, you will feel bad, you will feel a lot of negative emotions but that suffering will never last. You will become victorious if you stay with pain. You will see hope and get a lot of momentum if you stay on your course and keep fighting back. Remember that life is only one, you can never have another chance if you waste it. Just be slow if you're really in pain but don't look for results, don't look for the finish line, keep working until you win.

May 21, 2017


If they are really interested with your work, if they really want to know more about you... you don't need to explain what you're doing. Once they feel a little spark on your creation... they will figure it out by themselves and give a self explanation about your work.

If your work sounds stupid to other people... never mind what they say. Don't ever believe them that what you're doing has no impact, of course it has an impact. It may look that it is not working at the moment but in the future... for sure it will become successful if you keep on working hard.

You don't need to explain to them what you're doing, if they don't have any connection with you at all and with your works... it is their problem. If they can appreciate it then good for them and it only means they are also seeing your vision but if they can't even appreciate your work a little bit... don't bother at all. Stop giving time to them and trying to explain what you do, once you finish something... go to your next work and give your best again.

Because if you are always explaining your side... you are only wasting time, some people will even ask you stupid questions, criticize you and make you feel bad. The best thing to do is keep working and then move on to the next level right away.

A hater will always find way to make you look bad and stupid, a true fan will appreciate you even if they see some flaws at your work. So what you need to do is stay focus on your journey and forget what people say, just keep working and working until you become successful.

May 20, 2017


Most of you can't say no because you are thinking that you are hurting someone. You are thinking that people may think that you're mean and inconsiderate. That is why you always say yes, that is why your position is always in a bad spot because of always saying yes. You can't take full ownership of your life by always saying yes.

The right way to say no is to say it fast, don't make any hesitation, just say it and say it without conscience. Say it like you really mean it and when you say it... don't ever make a reason for saying it, don't ever explain yourself. Just say it and when a person is still convincing you to say yes then that is the only time to make excuses.

The moment you say it and when the person convincing you stop... don't think about it anymore, don't think about yourself being mean, just move on to the next stage of your life. Forget what happened and place your focus on some other things. Because if you will keep thinking about what happened... that is the time you will feel guilty.

When you rejected someone, when you say no to someone... don't think of it as a sin, it is normal. You can make choices in life, you can make harsh decisions. And even if someone got hurt... don't think about it because you are hurting yourself even more if you keep saying yes but you don't mean it.

Once you say no, immediately place your thoughts to other things. Don't think about the person who got rejected. It is already past, it is time to move on. The one who got hurt is still alive and he can always heal as fast as he can if he will not take it personally.

May 19, 2017


You don't need to wait for the right timing or perfect timing just to get started. The right timing is coming once you take the first action, once you take the first step and fully commit to your journey. The right timing will be attracted to you once you start making mistakes, you will figure it out once you take massive actions. It is what it is, you can't just start something and expect to become successful right away.

People can't start because they are always looking for the right timing. The truth is... every path is the right path, every action is the right action for as long as your vision is focused. So what if you make mistakes, so what if you fail, you will learn anyway and you will become tough so even if you fail... you still earn something. You earned the experienced and knowledge that you needed to become successful.

So start now and never wait before your bones become weak or your mind becomes rusty. Start now while you are still strong and can do a lot of mistakes. Because if you're too old enough... you can't afford to make mistakes anymore, there is no more room for error. Pressure will become higher and worries will become bigger.

The right timing is already coming once you start executing, keep going and keep pushing.

May 19, 2017


You can always find the answer if you really want it. If you can't find the answer then it is not for you. It means you are not seeking hard enough, it means you want the easy way, it means you're not patient and you want it right way. That kind of approach is derailing the manifestation of what you want. If you will not be patient to look for answers by yourself... it will not come. You will always get the wrong answers.

The reality is... there is always an answer to your questions, there is always a solution to your problem. The reason why you can't get it is because you're not really looking for it. You are pretending that you are working but the truth is... you're just exerting a mediocre effort and you become fully satisfied with it. And once you can't find the answer that will satisfy your soul.... you will quit, you will tell yourself that it is not for you which is true... it is really not for you because you are rushing. It takes time to become successful, sometimes a lot of time, it even takes forever.

If you really want an answer then you will dig deeper. You will seek hard, sometimes you will even get crazy because of too much stress. But it is what it is, you have to do whatever it takes just to get the answer that you are looking for because if you can't find it... it only means it is not for you.

May 19, 2017


Have you ever post in a social media about what you're doing?, you really take a nice picture of yourself and put a nasty description of the image but after waiting for how many hours... your picture only get 10 likes. You're disappointed right? you feel like there are hundreds of people that will like your picture because you have thousands of friends but after expecting a lot... you were only appreciated by few, the worse is... those who liked your image were not even close to you, you don't even know them personally.

The moral lesson of the story is... never seek for appreciation because that will come naturally. If people wants to appreciate what you're doing... you don't need to force them or wait for them. They will appreciate you if they really like you. If you are trying so hard to be appreciated... you will look unnatural, you will look like a person seeking for attention so badly, you will look needy and that is the most unattractive characteristic that anyone can have.

Your happiness is not based on what people will say. You can become happy even if they are not talking about you, you can still become happy even if they don't like you. Their words doesn't matter, you can become happy by just simply living with the moment, enjoying what you're doing or even just simply thinking about the past experiences that gives you true happiness.

Because if you will condition your mind that you can only feel good if they feel good about you... you're in big trouble my friend, your happiness will be too shaky. People will be able to control your happiness, you will easily feel bad once you don't like their reactions. In other words, you will become a totally weak individual. You will become depressed once you find out that they don't like you, you are so dependent from how they feel about you.

The best thing to do is be natural, be yourself, don't try so hard and seek for appreciation. Express yourself they way you wanted to express yourself. Some people will like you, some people will don't but the best thing to do is be yourself and detach yourself from the expectation of others.

If you are not expecting to be liked... you will experience true freedom, you will no longer feel bad for just small things. You will discover the real you, you will begin to experience the true meaning of life. You will not please people or do some terrible things just to look great. Don't market yourself because there is no point in doing that.

Express yourself by improving everyday, be happy with your progress. Do something that you will do forever. You don't need to tell them how good you are or impressive you are. If you're really good... they will discover you, they will look after you and they will be the one who will look for your attention.

May 19, 2017


How many of you doesn't want to go home because you are still enjoying the moment? I can't blame you if you don't want to go home because the more you need to go home, the more you will miss the fun. I can't explain it but there is an opposing energies that are clashing. For example, if your mom is texting you because she need you to do something for her and you need to go go home ASAP, the more there will be moments that are very hard to leave. Your friend will tell a story that is very interesting that will make it very hard for you to leave or maybe you are just beginning to have fun talking with your friends. But you need to go home ASAP or else your situation will become worse. Your mom might get mad at you and she might punish you when you got home. She might do things that you will regret forever and I am pretty sure you won't like it.

If your wife is calling you and telling you to go home right away, if the reason is acceptable and not just something that is childish and unreasonable... go home now. If you don't then the argument will become bigger, you will not like it especially when your wife runs her mouth without stopping. It is like a machine gun that is loaded with killer bullets so you better go home now and do your responsibilities. If not, you will feel bad if she argues with you, you will not like what she is going to say and that will be the cause of such a useless argument that will lead to nowhere. It is not about submitting to your wife and letting her take the power. If you need to go home because you have responsibilities to do for your family as a father then go home and do it first. Women will not make a complaint once they see that you're a good father and a good provider. Feed your children first, give them what they need, give them attention and if everything is ok then you can go back and have some fun.

If you're playing at the computer shop with your friends and you need to go home because you need to do your assignments and other important tasks at home... go home now, do what is needed first. You can play video games some other times, the games will never leave you but the time you've been wasting is critical. That silly mistake that you are doing will have a riffle effect that will affect your future, the bad habits will be built and you will have a hard time to get rid of it.

If you need to cut the happiness now, cut it. Cut the good times because if you will not go home now... you will face bad times in the future, as simple as that.

People are having a lot of difficulties in their lives because they can't make small sacrifices, they always prioritize the temporary pleasures and forget the more important responsibilities ahead of them, that is why they are broke, that is why they are having a lot of stress, that is why they don't know where their future is headed to. If you want an easier life... face your responsibilities now, endure the pain of leaving fun for the sake of having something better in the future. People are so much blinded with the temporary happiness that irresponsibility brings. If you are happy now but deep inside you know you are not doing the right thing... that is a fake happiness that you are experiencing.

Just doing the right thing will give you happiness, you may not see it now because it is uncomfortable to face the boring tasks but when the right time comes, you will realize that what you did is right, you will realize that doing small sacrifices will put you in a much better position.

So don't wait for 5 minutes or ten minutes before you go home. Go home now and face all the responsibilities that are waiting for you. It is not that hard once you take the first step.

May 19, 2017


Pretending that you don't care will remove all the tension from your body, the pressure on your side will fade and you will not fear anything or anyone, you will not be scared of what is going to happen. You will be able to relax, you will be able to detach yourself from any destructive forces that is stopping you from taking actions.

Pretend that you don't care but you are still willing to move and take actions, it is like freeing yourself from the outcome or consequences that may happen. Because if you are not anticipating the future.. you will feel lighter, you will enjoy your freedom, you will become more creative, you will be in the moment.

If you are in a huge debt and the bank is about to take your house... pretend that you don't care, pretend that you are willing to sleep on the street, open yourself to any possibilities. This kind of approach will also make your mind open to any possible solutions that will help you to retain your house and pay the bank what is needed to delay the repossession of your house. If the bank officer is always calling you and threatening you.. act like you don't care. Don't quarrel with her, don't argue with her, don't beg her to give you extensions. Just pretend that you don't care so you will be able to free yourself from worries. Because if you don't feel any fear in your life, you can do something big, you can create miracles, you can come up with something that will solve your problem. Focus your attention to some other things that will lessen your worries and fears. Focus on taking actions that will somehow solve the problem a little bit.

If you were about to hit the gym and your mind is so afraid to step on the thread mill or lift the lightest weights... just pretend that you don't care. Pretend that you don't care if you will get tired, pretend that you don't care if you will sweat a lot. You will see that your emotions will become lighter, you will just do the first step and the rest will be taken care of by itself. Because if you care too much of what is going to happen... you will become scared, you will procrastinate, you will look for the perfect moment to start which will never happen.

If you are so scared to try... just pretend that you don't care, pretend that you don't care if you fail, pretend that you don't care if you get embarrassed. Pretend that you don't care if people will laugh at you. Once you embedded this kind of mindset into your system... it will become real, you will never care at all about the next thing that will happen, all you will care about is what is happening at the moment.

That is what life is all about... focusing on the NOW and not thinking about the consequences, pain, results, etc.

You care too much that is why your mind is always in trouble, you care too much that is why you can't do something good for your life. Stop caring and start acting. If it is meant to be then it will be but what you need to do is do what is the best for your life and never take any single second for granted.

The trick to live a better and happier life is to detach yourself from expectations and anticipations. If it is not happening yet then don't worry about it. Focus on what you can control, you can control your mind and actions. Stop controlling the outcome, stop controlling people. Don't be a control freak, just live your life and face all what must be face.

May 18, 2017


People nowadays talk about success a lot, they have their own definition of success and if you don't fit with their definition... it means you're a failure to them.

The real meaning of success is not about who is thriving, getting rich, being popular or something. You give your own meaning to success. If you honestly feel successful and you don't care about what people say... you're really successful. You have to define your own success and stop comparing yourself to other people. Who cares if they are richer than you or they can make more money than you. Success is just a state of mind, if you feel happy in anything that you do.... you're already successful. If you are evolving everyday and even if that progress is not that big... you're already successful.

The real meaning of success is feeling successful and just a little bit of evolving everyday, the real meaning of success is consistency... you have to be very consistent in anything that you want to do, you have to do it everyday even if you don't feel like doing it. You have to force yourself to do something that will make your situation better than yesterday. Because if you will keep on skipping days... you will just become an ordinary individual that will never achieve anything great.

Success means pain, if you really want it then you must push through pain. You must face it and live with it, you must learn how to give another meaning to pain, not just the pain itself. Some people thinks that pain means suffering but the real meaning of it is gaining. You must think of pain as your best friend, consider it as something that will give you everything you want if you embrace it and see the benefits of it.

Success is just a state of mind, the more you think positive... the more you will become successful. Because it all starts in the mind, if you are thinking about weak and destructive thoughts then your actions will also be weak and destructive but if you are focused on hope and positive actions then success will be attracted to you faster than expected.

Success is not all about getting it, it is more of doing it. You do it anyway, it is the process not the results that matters. You do it because you need to be one step closer to success. You do it and do it until you reach the finish line, as simple as that.

Success has nothing to do with speed or time. Your success will come even if it takes forever to become successful, it is already there, it is just waiting for you. You don't need to worry, you don't need to become stressed if you are not getting results. It is already there, stop rushing, be patient and your time will come. The more you rush and become impatient... the more you are unlikely to get it because you need to take every step of the way, stop cutting corners and being impatient. Remember that it is already there, you just need to work for it.

May 18, 2017


There is only one big difference between a real winner and a pretender. A real winner will put strong efforts in the end, he will give everything he got while on the other hand... a pretender will pretend that he is already fatigued and can't go anymore, he will make excuses, his mind will be occupied by
a lot of weak thoughts that will prevent him from finishing strong.

A real winner will die in order for something to happen while a pretender will pretend that he already gave his best but it just happens that fate is not favoring his side.

A real winner will never quit until he become successful, he will push through no matter what. Sometimes he is not even thinking about winning anymore, all he does is push through and do what is possible. He removes winning from his mind because it only gives him worries, what he does is he keep pushing forward and give his best every second. A pretender will only move when he is in good position, he is only motivated when he have a momentum but when he feels that it is impossible to win... he will create millions of reasons to quit, he will not push himself, he will just accept what is given to him.

If you're a real winner and that is what you see in yourself... you should work until the end, you should have a lion heart and you should be willing to embrace all the negative emotions that you might feel. Because pushing for something has nothing to do with the things, circumstances or people around you, it is all about you and how you feel. You will feel very bad in the end, you will feel a lot of stress, disappointments and heart breaking moments which will make you wanted to quit. But if you are willing to face all of those things and try to process all of them... wow! it means you're one of a kind, it means you're on your way to the top.

So don't be like others who were only excited, strong and motivated in the beginning. Be a person who will embrace any circumstances no matter what. Be the real man who is willing to face the pain and willing to die just to get his dreams.

You're a winner if you're always trying to win, you're a winner if submission has never run across your mind just for a second. You're a winner if you're willing to use all of your energy and you are willing to try until the very end.

It doesn't matter what kind of try are you going to try, what matters is you try and you try with your very best. Don't just try for the sake of just looking like you try and telling everyone that you try, try with bad intentions, try with will, try with all your might and never exert a mediocre effort. And mostly, don't ever pretend that you're trying. Stop being a pretender, be a real winner.

May 17, 2017


You always wanted to stop the moment you get tired. Sometimes it is all in your mind, sometimes you think you are tired because you are always looking for comfort, you are always looking for an excuse. You don't want to continue anymore because you already accepted that your mind and body has already reached its limit.

That is not winning is all about, that is not being successful is all about. If you want to become victorious.... you should never stop moving, it is ok to become slow, it is ok to slow down your pace but don't ever stop because the momentum will die if you do that.

It is ok to slow down, it is still moving, it doesn't mean you're quitting. Accept that you're weakening a little bit because it is normal, you're just a human and you can get tired too. But once you slow down, you will be able to gather your energy back, you will be able to catch your breathing, you can think clearly and make plans for a better execution.

Slowing down is better than stopping, if you stop you will lose everything you work for, you will become weaker because the momentum will die and it will be very hard for you to come back. Just like in running, it is better to slow down if your legs were tired than to stop because once you stop... your brain also stop, it will be very hard for you to come back running again because your mind will create a lot of excuses to avoid running again.

So if you are pursuing a goal, keep moving even if you are slow, keep making actions even if it looks like it is not making a difference because those tiny actions will accumulate in the end, it will all sum up for a great result.

Just breathe, focus on one breathe at a time and one move at a time. You can keep doing it forever, being tired is just a trick, it is tricking you to stop taking actions. You can even rest while moving, just move very slow and your mind and body will become refreshed little by little.

Just like walking on a dessert without water to drink... you keep moving even if you are slow until you reach your destination. You keep hoping that it will rain, you keep believing that you will find a fountain of water.

Because once you stop... it is all over for you, you already died, you already lost your momentum. So keep enjoying being slow, keep enjoying that pace until you become fast again and strong again. Your energy will come back if you don't stop moving, you will find your way back on top of your game again.

The key here is to stop looking for the finish line, stop looking for the time remaining and steps remaining to reach your destination. Keep working and breathing, you will get there if you don't stop.

May 17, 2017


There are lot of articles out there, there are lot of motivational videos that will dictate you what is the purpose of life or how to find it.

The real purpose of life is very simple, there is no deep meaning accustomed to it, you don't need to find it. The real purpose of life is SIMPLY LIVING IT, and that's it. People are making it complicated, people are making it deep. It is very simple, that is why it is called life, you should live it. Don't kill it, don't destroy it, just live it. I don't know how do you want to live it but it is up to you. You are free how to live it but always make sure what you do is positive, choose freedom over money, choose having fun over thinking about problems.

There are lot of cheesy people out there telling other people that they will find themselves first before they live their life. It is funny because life is already there, you don't need to find yourself, all you need to do is live your life and you already found yourself, you don't need to make a lot of dramas, you don't need to make a lot of attention catching activities. Just live life even if your situation is bad. Just live life even if you don't feel like living it because that is the real purpose of life... breathing and trying to survive it one day at a time.

You don't need to become a hero to others, you don't need to do great things or become a Mother Theresa or something, you don't need to let the world know how great or kind you are, just be kind to yourself and do something positive for as much as you can.

The real purpose of your life is simply living with the moment, it is simply breathing and living for each second. There is no other meaning behind it, you don't need to become rich or popular or become successful. Just simply live it and try to make it grow, try to enjoy it while it is still there. You don't need to compete, you don't need to become a genius. Just do what makes you happy and forget about anything else.

Because if you will look for the purpose of your life... you will not see it. Because the purpose is already there, you just need to live your life, embrace the pain, embrace the happiness, embrace everything about it. Accept your life, accept your situation, try to change it if you want it but don't ever curse it or feel ashamed of it because you only have one life. It is up to your perspective, your vision is your reality.

How you feel is how your life is going. You can always feel good even if terrible things are happening in your life. You can even feel sad even if you are succeeding because you want more and you are not appreciative.

Just breathe every second and be appreciative of your life... that is the real meaning of your life. Because it is yours, you are not suppose to give it to others, you are not suppose to dedicate your life for people who can't even appreciate what you're doing. The real purpose of your life is owning it and trying to make it grow as much as you can, try to extend it as much as you can, always have fun with it regardless of what is happening around you.

May 16, 2017


Don't ever feel guilty about doing something if it makes you feel good while doing it, especially if what you're doing is positive and something productive. Don't feel ashamed while doing it, don't ever feel ashamed of the things that makes you happy.

If you are playing any kind of musical instrument and someone is telling you that some of the notes you are playing is off and out of tune... forget about it, never mind those people. Don't be ashamed if you are not playing perfectly, what matters is you are very happy while playing your instrument, your feeling is what matters and not their perspectives.

Because life is all about having fun, being creative and being free. Celebrate your freedom, celebrate your ability to move and do positive things even if it is nor perfect. Just keep on doing it and it will become perfect one day.

If you have a business and you're really having fun doing it... even if it is not earning something and people were mocking you... never mind them. Just keep having fun and try to make it grow everyday, if you really love what you're doing... one day you will be rewarded for the efforts that you exerted. don't be ashamed if it is not yet earning, just nurture your feelings and keep the fun alive. That is the secret to success... having fun while you're down.

If you know that success doesn't appear in the beginning then you should really have a lot of fun while you're struggling. You should still feel excited even if there is no reason to be excited. Any state can be created, all you have to do is own your mind and always put it on the positive side. You can become happy even if things aren't going on your way.

So if you are having fun in anything that you are doing... don't be ashamed of it even if some people thinks that it is stupid. They are just jealous because they can't be happy for themselves, they can't find their passion, or maybe the already knew it, they were just afraid to be called stupid by other people like them who were also narrow minded.

The key to success is to always feel good, excited and motivated. Because you need the emotions that will make you move, do you think negative emotions will make you move? of course not. You need positive emotions to keep you grinding and working even if it is hard. So be proud of your journey even if it means nothing to others, be proud of it and always nurture the positive emotions that it gives to you.

Because at the end of the day... it is your happiness that matters. Don't be like everyone who doesn't want to do what they love to do because they were so afraid of being judged. They were so afraid of critics and humiliation. But what happen to them in the end? they were full of regrets, they wish that they can turn back time and look stupid but happy.

May 15, 2017


Most people already accepted that they can't change their situation and keep telling themselves that it is their fate or they can't do anything about it anymore. They were bitter, they were blaming a lot of things that doesn't really have any connection with their failure. They were creating a lot of dramas which only makes their situation even worse.

Your situation doesn't even matter, what you see now is not permanent, is has nothing to do with your future. What you need to place your focus upon are the things that will make your belief stronger and will make you work harder.

If you know that you can become stronger mentally, physically and spiritually then you will be alright. You can have a better life, you can change your situation. All you have to do is feed that believe over and over again and of course pair it with hardwork.

For example, if you are working in a company that will prioritize workers that can make a lot of production... if you know how to become strong then you will remain in that company for so long. If you know how to improve yourself a little bit, if you know that consistency and getting uncomfortable for a little bit will make you better than yesterday then you will be alright. The company will take care of you because you keep on evolving. You are showing them that you have a potential and you can become the number one producer one day.

Because if you know how to become strong ad you are working for it then you will have hope, you will have a direction, you always knew that one day your life will change if you keep on working hard everyday. And it will manifest, your work ethic and belief is the manifester of your life so you better check your thoughts and activities everyday.

Forget everything that worries you, forget everything that makes you feel weak and disappointed. What matters is knowing what will make you stronger and doing it right away. Even if you have a lot of knowledge on how to become stronger, if you are not doing it then it will all be useless.

The reality is... anyone can make his own life better, anyone can change his difficult situation. You too can control your life, what makes you slow and incapable of doing something is because you don't believe yourself enough that you can achieve something, you are so scared to try. You're like a pussy that doesn't have any fight left in your life. Why don't you pretend that you're great and just try anyway? why don't you pretend that you work so hard and live with it until it becomes real?

Life is all about moving, it is all about facing the pain, it is all about evolving everyday. Because if you're not progressing it means you're dying. So if you have a mindset that you can still become strong, still improve and still make something positive... it means you're on the right path.

May 14, 2017


Sometimes you don't want to do things or finish things because you are thinking about time, you think you're already late and there is no point in doing it anymore. You think that finishing it is useless and will not even make an impact at all. That kind of thinking is wrong, if you really want to do it then you must do it regardless of what time is. You must be a finisher, you must finish strong, you must be a strong closer, you must have a killer instinct even if you think that it's too late. That is what champions does, they don't care about time, all they know is they have to execute and do whatever it takes to win.

If you're already late in your work, your initial reaction will be... you don't want to work anymore, you are thinking about going home, you are thinking about making an excuse to your boss and pretend that you're sick so that you will not go to your office anymore. And then what? do you think your worries and fears go away after deciding to not continue? of course not, it will stay in your system. You will still think about what could happened if you just continue, you will feel regret in the end because you knew your situation now is worse and it could have been better if you only act courageous to continue earlier.

If you have a project and it already passed the deadline, do it still. Your professor might not accept it anymore, your clients might get mad at you. But their reactions doesn't matter anymore. If you want to do it then you must do it regardless of what might happen. Because that is the best thing to do, finishing it even if you are already late. How can you know the answer if you will not try? there are good things that can happen if you try.

If you think that it's too late then just do it anyway. Time doesn't matter now, the most important thing here is doing it because it is the only way to avoid regrets.

Being late is just an excuse to not continue, you are making yourself believe that there is no more point in continuing because nothing will happen anymore. That belief is stupid, there are lot of good things that will happen if you will still try even if you think that it's too late. Miracles can happen, miracles always happen in the end, miracles happen for those people who try and still hope in the end.

That is why there are lot of people who can't pursue their dreams... they think that it's too late for them. They think that they were too old and cannot achieve anything great anymore. They were too scared because they believe in time, they believe in what other people say that it is too  impossible for them.

Remember that it is not about doing it on time, it is about doing it anyway and finishing it no matter what.

May 13, 2017


Once you heard the word are so afraid to face it. There are different kinds of pain: a pain that is inflicted, a pain that you created for yourself because of your bad decisions and a pain that you need to take so that you can gain something from it.

Let's talk about the pain that will give you rewards, this is the pain that most people doesn't wanted to face because you have to do it consciously, just thinking about it will make you don't want to face it. For example, the pain in working out and exercise just to make your body healthy and strong, I am very sure you don't want to do it. It is hard especially if your mind is not wired yet to move. It is really hard to move and force yourself to take actions. It feels like something is stopping you and your body is frozen. It feels like you will die if you will move. Have you ever felt it before? I am pretty sure you are especially if you don't have the habits yet installed in your system for moving. But you have no choice but to face it if you want to change your life, you have no choice but to endure the pain in moving because it is the only remaining hope to make your life better.

Face that pain now and you will never regret the time you face it, face it now and you will become happier later. You will be proud of yourself because you take actions. Not too many people can take actions especially if they don't like it, they will choose just bumming around watching TV and keeping themselves updated about the game of thrones series.

The truth is there is no big difference between pain and short term pleasure. They are both painful, the only difference is.. short term pleasure will give you fake happiness now and major pain later. While on the other hand.. facing pain now is somehow stressful but will give you real happiness later.

If you will face the pain of taking actions now and doing what is needed... you will be so very happy that you face it because you will no longer need to think about or worry about finishing the task that you are suppose to finish earlier. In other words, you already beat the habit of procrastinating and the reward is having a peace of mind, having more time to relax and enjoy life, that is what you will get by facing the pain now... happiness and contentment.

But if you will tell yourself that you will just face the pain later... the pain will grow bigger and bigger, you will get overwhelmed, you might not take any action at all because you're so scared and stress. You want to finish it but you can't even start, you feel like your mind will explode, sometimes you just want to numb the pain by taking alcohol or doing some things that will entertain you and forget your problems, activities like watching TV or going to the shopping mall which will only make your problem worse. Yeah, you may feel good for a while but that emotion won't last for so long, you will feel depressed again later. And speaking of depression... this is what you will feel if you will not face the pain now and do something about it, depression will eat your mind, you will become a little bit crazy or maybe totally crazy.

So whatever it is that you need to do... do it even if it is painful, do it now because you will not regret it later, you will become totally happy and fulfilled. Just like in pursuing your dreams, it is painful, it is very hard to start. But once you see that you are becoming successful little by little, you will think that your decision is right. You will be very happy for yourself that you face the pain and you didn't shy away from it.

Facing pain is facing life. Life is painful, no matter how hard you deny it and pretend that everything is alright... there will be times when you will feel a lot of pain. Sometimes you don't even know where it is coming from. Sometimes you just got sad or depress for no reason. It is what it is, this is life, it is painful and sometimes you don't even know what to do. But all you got to do is do what you have to do, do it even if it hurts, do it even if you feel so heavy and unmotivated. If you want to feel life... you should face the pain because it will give you the emotions that you needed to maintain your sanity.

May 13, 2017


If you've been rejected for so many times, just keep on trying because it doesn't matter how many times you fail, what matters is how you feel. If you still feel motivated after failing for a lot of times, you will become successful in just a matter of time. Because if you keep on failing and trying, it means you're on the flow of success. Being successful is not all about winning and achieving money, trophies, houses, cars, plaque of appreciation etc. If you wanted to become successful, you also need to enjoy failing. Because the path of success is also filled with failures, disappointments, depression, stress and any other negative emotions. But if you can keep that faith back and remain motivated for a very long time... you already won.

So if you are failing constantly, it only means you are inline with success, it means success is very close to you. Only if you still have a positive attitude and you are still doing something to keep growing everyday.

So never get tired of failing, never get tired of being rejected. Just keep pushing because if it is really hard, it means you are very close to winning, it means the doors will open in just a matter of time.

You can never be a loser forever if you keep trying, you will never stay at the bottom forever if you are really grinding. And when I say grinding, it means real real hardwork, not just a fake work that is main intention is to impress everyone. You don't need to tell everyone that you are working hard, you don't need to impress them and get sympathy from them.

Keep failing and failing and treat it as nothing. It can't harm you, it can't destroy your confidence. All the failing does is make you stronger and smarter. Never get discouraged if you are failing because it means success is just around the corner, it is just playing hard to get. You will be able to conquer it in just a matter of time.

If you are not failing it means you are not even trying, it means you are playing safe or maybe not playing at all. It means you are stagnant and you are not doing anything. Those people who never fail never do anything. They are completely obsolete and will never achieve anything in this world.

Don't be like other people who gets tired easily after failing a couple of times. Look where they are now... they are still in the same position, they never made any significant change in their lives. That is what will happen to you if you are afraid of failing... you will never get anything.

Failure is the only door to success, if you fail now it means you will win tomorrow. Keep that in mind, enjoy failing and just laugh at it when it happens because the only way to not get hard on yourself is to take it easy, treat failure as an ordinary event and keep in mind that it is the most important ingredient to success.

May 12, 2017


There is nothing wrong if you're not versatile enough or you only know one thing. There is nothing wrong if you're too focused on a single thing and everything you know is all about it. You may not do a lot of things, you may not fit well with other things but if that one knowledge of yours is too deep... you will become unstoppable, they will not be able to deny you.

It's all about mastering one thing and trying to become the best if not the greatest at it. If you can bring the only skill you have to another level then you will become very successful. It is not all about knowing a lot of things, it is about mastering one thing and making it as your source of living, you can even make it as a source of income. People will hire you, people will get interested at your skill because you're too good at it.  They know you can become a very strong help for them.

For example, you love numbers but you only love stats, you can become a very good statistician, just focus on it and people will hire you, people will try to get you for their team because you're an expert.

Another example is in mixed martial arts, if you only knew wrestling but you're really good at it, if you're wrestling skill is out of this world level then you can dominate your opponents, you can even become the champion because you're too good at it and they can't find ways how to stop you. The funny thing is they already knew what you're going to do but because you're skill is to deep.. they don't know how to slow you down, they don't know how to neutralize your will.

And when you're too good in one thing, it will never be hard to learn some other things. Because you already experienced the feeling of greatness, you already knew the process of becoming great so learning some other things will not be difficult anymore because you already have the habits of working in your craft and making it a world class level.

It is better to master one thing than to become a little bit skilled in everything. You can know a lot but if you're knowledge about those things is not deep... you will never go far. You will just be an accessory to someone's success. They will just use you if your skills are fit with their small projects, they can easily remove you if they don't need you anymore. But if you're too good in one thing... you can build your own empire, you can become big because you have a one of a kind skill that cannot be seen anywhere. People will find you, people will become very interested at you because you're so unique, you're like a gem that is very hard to find.

So keep making your favorite skill deep, keep honing it and improving it everyday because one day it is going to make you shine.

May 12, 2017


The only motivation you need to produce is how to enjoy what you are doing at the moment. If you can simply enjoy the very first step up to the last then you will never have a problem in doing something.

Taking action is very hard because you are always looking at the finish line, you are always looking at the clock. You are checking how many hours did you work already, you are checking how many hours left before you finish. In other words, your focus is not to enjoy but to reach the finish line. It is a bad approach because if you are always looking to finish, it simply means you are not enjoying what you are doing. You are always rushing and it is the fastest way to fail, it is the fastest way to quit.

You should always find the motivation to enjoy in anything that you do... even if the activity sucks and really hard, you have to enjoy every step of it or else... you will not succeed. That is the trick in life... enjoy every movement, even if you are sick... you have to enjoy drinking the medicine and having rest.

You have to enjoy every movement of your body, you have to enjoy ever second. Even being tired, you have to enjoy it. That is the secret of success... being excited and just simply enjoying the process.

If you will earn how to enjoy everything,  the hard will become easy and the easy will become effortless. Your stress will diminish and you will begin to see the real beauty of life.

At first it is hard, especially if you don't like what you are doing. But even if you are passionate about something... sometimes you will still find yourself getting bored at it. So if you can learn how to adjust your attitude towards any kind of work... life will become easier for you. There will be no task that you can finish.

Remember that you can't control everything but you can control your mind and feelings about something. so if you can just simply adjust yours state and be very patient at everything... the impossible will become possible to you.

You think that it is hard to enjoy a hard task or a boring thing but it is easy. Just simply feel your body, feel the movement of your hands, learn to breathe when things are going hard, as simple as that. You will learn later that it is not that hard, you are just putting some pressure to yourself which is not needed.

Just simply being in the moment, forgetting the future and not looking at the clock will make you enjoy everything. It will make you relaxed and it will make you able to think clearly. Don't try to escape any situation, don't try to fast forward time. Enjoy taking actions, don't be scared to get tired, don't be scared to finish imperfectly, just be yourself. Try to push yourself a little bit and always give your best shot.

May 11, 2017


Your life hasn't got better because you have a lot of toxic people in your life. I don't know if you are just pretending that you don't have one or maybe you already accepted that you can't stay away from those people. Maybe you are pretending that you feel good around them, maybe you think that your life will be better with them. I don't know, or maybe you're really scared and you can't live your life according to your rules. Look at your life and see the people around you because those people have a big contribution to your life, they can pull you down or push you up. So if your life is not doing well right now, it only means there are some people who are really toxic to your life and you must get rid of them right now if you want to have a better life. Have no conscience in kicking them out of your life because we are talking about your life here, their life doesn't matter. They can cry about it but at the end of the day, it is your happiness that matters that theirs.

1. You think they are the only ones best for you.  You think you cannot find a replacement to them that is why even if they are treating you bad, bullying you and mocking you... you still can't afford to lose them. You think that you can't find another people that will treat you better. You think that they are destined to become your friends or relatives forever. You think that other people will not treat you better than how they treat you.

2. You think they are right. Even if they are doing wrong, you still think that they are right and you are wrong. You feel that you cannot make your own decision so your way of thinking is always influenced or manipulated by them.

3. You think other people were on their side. You think that majority of people agrees with them and that is why you are so scared to be labelled as the one who is wrong. You don't want to be against them because you don't want to look bad to other people.

4. You are dependent from them. You need something from them, you need their support or help so even if they are treating you bad... you can't leave them. You think that your life depends on them.

5. You don't believe in yourself. You think that you can't become successful without the help of toxic people in your circle. You simply don't have the confidence to live your life your way. You are so scared to try something new, you are so scared to let go. You lost confidence in yourself because they are treating you bad. You believe them more than you believe yourself.

6. You think that they will change one day. You are still hoping that one day they will treat you right, you give them unlimited chance. You think that one day they will realize your value and you needed to be treated right. You are longing for their respect that is why you can't move on and let them go.

7. You're afraid to be alone. You will be alone for a very short time, you will find the real people that is right for you so don't be afraid to be alone now and leave them. If you love yourself and you don't let people disrespect you then people will respect you. So endure being alone now if all of your so called "friends" are just bullying you and using you, leave them and don't let them enter your world again. The right people are waiting for you and you will be able to locate them if you will leave the wrong people. And sometimes you don't even need to look for them because they will come naturally.

8. They owe you something. You are afraid to eliminate some people in your life because they owe you something like money or important things. I am very sure they have no interest in returning back what is your so you need to forget those things. Forget those things and forget those toxic people too. They are having power over you because you are still hoping that you can get back what they borrow from you. Remember that toxic people are toxic and they don't have considerations so there is no chance that you will get back what is yours if you will not force them.

9. You owe them something. You can't let them free because you owe them something, maybe they give you a favor from the past or maybe you are the one who borrows money from them and that is why you can't reject them, you think that without them your situation now is uglier. You think that they improve your life in some ways.

10. You're easy to please. You forgive them easily, if they do something bad to you, they will just compliment you fakely and you will smile right away, you will become friends with them again. You are too soft, you are so easy to please.

May 10, 2017


The best place is where you are right now, not paris, not somewhere in europe, not on a beach, not on the top of the mountain. The best place is where you are sitting or standing right now, there is no other place better than were you at right now because you can do anything that you wanted to do at the moment.

But yet you take it for granted, you always wanted to go somewhere else, you wanted to go to other places that you think will make you happy, you never know that you can be happy at the moment. If you are sitting in your car and there is too much traffic, don't think about going home so fast, that kind of approach is what makes the stress even stronger. You can enjoy the music in your car, look for different commercial billboards, look for other cars beside you. Maybe it sounds a little boring but it is true that you can be happy where you are if you will only own your mind and stop making traffic a big deal. You can always appreciate the place where you at, it is easy if you will just be patient and stop looking to make time fast.

If you are in your classroom and the professor is mean, don't ever think of going to some other place, just sit on your chair because it is the best place to become happy. Just endure the meanness of your professor, just be happy that you might be able to learn something. Even if he is embarrassing you, you can have fun with it. Show him that you are not affected and that is not a big deal, you will see that he will somehow get affected too with your behavior.

If you are at your work and the time is so slow, don't ever think of going home so fast, don't ever think of going to a bar and drinking some beer. You are wasting your time if you are not appreciating where you at right now because you can never bring back those time again. The time that you become stressed is still a part of your life, it is either you savor it or you treat it like a worse part of your life. It is all in your mind, if you can't enjoy where you at right now... you can never enjoy too if you are at other places, even if those places are comfortable, you can never fully enjoy it because you are always thinking about some other things that you think will make you happier.

If you are eating your lunch and your drink is only water... enjoy it, be happy with that simple water. Don't think about drinking a cola or an expensive juice, that will only ruin your lunch. Enjoy your water and learn to appreciate it because without it... you might choke.

The reason why you can't enjoy your life is because you are always thinking about other places and other things. You want to change your situation right away, you don't want to embrace the emotions that you are feeling, you are always seeing scarcity in your life.

If you will just learn to accept your situation and be really happy about it... you can attract better situations in life. Stop planning for vacation, stop planning for treating yourself because you are suffering now. Those things will come naturally, don't get too hard on yourself and think that your goals are not yet happening, those things will come if you will enjoy the process, if you will just enjoy what is happening now because that is what life is all about... enjoying every second of your life and learning to be happy no matter where you are. It is a very good and effective trick to live your life to the fullest.

May 10, 2017


You will be served, what is yours will come to you if you will just wait and be patient. And one more thing, you still need to work hard while waiting for your turn, because if you will just wait for it and do nothing... it will not come.

Don't cry like a lost dog looking for his mom if what you want is not yet coming to you. It is on its way, you just need to wait for a  little more time. What is yours is yours, nobody will steal it from you. Don't worry, stop being impatient, don't think about it too much because it will be yours in just a matter of time.

If you're not picked now in some kind of an audition or something, don't worry, don't feel bad because you will be picked tomorrow or next time. Just wait for your turn because you will have it, you just need to try and try again, get better each day and that's it. Your time will come, you will shine too and that is guaranteed.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you still can't get it, you still can't become successful. For unknown reasons, it happens, no one can explain it because it has been said that if you work hard then you will become successful. But sometimes you really need to wait for your turn while working hard, sometimes you just need to stay with the grind and be focused with your dreams without being impatient. It is what it is, if you will not become patient and if you stop what you are doing then nothing will happen to you. You will go back to zero, your momentum will die, your life will get worse. But if you stay with the hustle, if you stay with the process and patiently waiting for your turn then for sure your time will come, you will shine one day. All of the waiting and suffering will be worth it, you will get what you want, your dreams will come true.

So if you are not a star player right now, don't get jealous with other players. Your time will come, just wait for your turn, all you can do is focus on what you can control and be happy with your situation. If you can do something about it then do it but if all you can do is be better each day then just wait for your turn, you will become a star player one day, for sure it will come, no questions need to ask, no need to doubt yourself.

Waiting is a powerful thing, you may think that you are stuck in a mud but if you feel that you are improving, if you honestly believe in yourself that you are a better person than yesterday physically and mentally then there is no need to worry if you are going to become successful or not.

Yes sometimes it is really boring to wait and work especially if you are not seeing any significant progress but if you can just manage to make that belief alive or at least make it a little bit stronger than yesterday then for sure you will become successful one day. Success is just a matter of who will survive his own business even if it is almost dying. It is a matter of believing yourself even if there is no other reason to believe.

You never know, tomorrow or next week might be your turn so be patient and keep working hard. Your time will come, keep that faith alive.

May 09, 2017


You think you are building your dreams huh? you think you are on your way of getting it and when things are not going well.. you will blame people, government, bad luck etc. etc. The truth is... if you are building your dreams then you are also building yourself. So if you are always complaining while you are traveling your journey then it means you will not get it. Because you become a different person while you are pursuing your dreams, you may improve or you may get worse while you are building your dreams. So if you are having a bad attitude while pursuing your dreams... it means you will fail, as simple as that.

Some people works hard even more while they are pursuing their dreams while some people gets lazy even more, they became impatient, they want results right away that is they they can't succeed.

So if you want to become successful... build yourself and not your dreams. Don't let your dreams build you into someone that is not capable of staying longer. Build yourself into something that will persevere until the end, build yourself into something that will do whatever it takes to win.

Because the reality is... it is the person that you transform into that matters. It is not the dream itself. Come to think of it, in the past, remember when you become successful at something... you become confident right? you are happy because you never think that you will become successful but you made it, you never imagine that you can do it too, you think that it is hard in the beginning but you made it. You will tell yourself that it is easy if you only have the proper mindset to do it.

So build yourself, have that mindset of winning, don't look for the prizes that you will get once you become successful. Look at yourself, study yourself and honestly make an assessment of yourself and admit what kind of a person you are now. If you're a bad person now with lazy habits then it means you are not becoming successful, as simple as that.

But if you are a better person than yesterday, even if the results were not showing yet then you already succeeded. Because you will get all of those things later once you keep getting better everyday, the process itself and the transformation is the real prize, not the houses, money or cars. It is what you've become that matters.

Build that determination, build that habits of winning, build that mindset of winning. Don't look for your dreams because it will not happen if you're not better than yesterday, focus on improvement and not on the destination. You know in yourself if you are doing well or not, you know in yourself if you are gaining something.

It will be very easy if you are focused on yourself, the proper pieces for your success will fall into its designated places naturally. You don't even need to force something to happen, something will happen if you keep on getting better each day.

May 09, 2017


Most people think that confidence is only for the chosen few. While some people are born with it already, there are some process or techniques that will help you to gain confidence. Like any other skills, confidence can be learned too, anyone can master it. All you need is patience, perseverance and the will to achieve it. Once you have that confidence you needed, your potential will be unlimited. You can have everything you want. 

1. Be the person who has the most number of tries. This will make you ruthless, this will make you a legend. Be the person who has the most number of tries. In anything that you are doing or pursuing... try as much as you can so that you will not be scared to fail again anymore. I will destroy your doubt and fears, of course you will fail a lot but those number of failures will make you feel invincible because it is not a big deal to you anymore if you fail, you will feel like you're just playing and you have nothing to lose anymore.

2. Fall in love with rejection. Rejection is painful but once you fall in love with it and you are not afraid of it anymore... you will never be afraid to ask for something, do something and get something. You are ok if you don't get it because it is not a big deal, it is like an ordinary situation that doesn't bother you. And that will give you so much confidence in the long run. Always remember that it is nothing. Rejection is normal so don't cry if you got rejected because that happening will only make you stronger than before.

3. Never look at someone as special nor one of a kind. You got intimidated with someone, you lose your confidence if you feel that someone special is around and he is such a huge presence. Well, the best thing to do is treat everyone as an ordinary human being, treat them as equal as you so you won't be conservative and you can still be yourself regardless of who is around. They're just human, you're just human so there is no big deal if someone who has a higher position than you is around. Even the mayor on your town... don't crumble when he is around. Always remember that you are special too, carry yourself like no one is above you and of course don't ever think that you're above everyone too, try to stay humble and just be yourself every second.

4. Be a workaholic. If you are a workaholic then you can become really good at something, and if you're good at something... that will give you a lot of confidence. You will feel that you have a purpose and you are contributing a lot to this world. Being a workaholic will make you avoid what other people are doing. Your own world will be built, you don't need to stop into other people's world because they are the ones who will go after you.

5. Forget the outcome. It's ok, regardless of what happens... it is always ok, forget the outcome and just keep doing your thing. Forget the results because there will always be people who will judge you even if you've done something perfectly. Just keep taking actions and enjoy every second of your life.

6. Just enjoy your emotions. Confident people are very good in faking their facial expressions. You think that they are always feeling good? no they are not. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable but what makes them special is they can always fake their facial expressions. They were able to enjoy their emotions even if it is not good. They were not in a hurry to feel good, they stay with their emotions even if it is really uncomfortable. So if you want to become really confident.. just enjoy your emotions, any kind of emotions from fear to doubt... just enjoy it and you will feel good later.

7. Don't be needy. If you are needy then you already destroyed your confidence from the very beginning. Confident people are so independent. They trust themselves, they will never ask for someone's help if they can do it by themselves. They will not ask for someone's attention because they know who they are and they don't need appreciation from other people. Being needy is the most unattractive trait of someone so if you want to always feel good... stop being needy and dependent.

8. Stop being a perfectionist. Just do it, have no conscience in doing it. Do it even if you suck, do it even if you feel like not doing it. Stop being a perfectionist because it will make you stiff, unloose and conservative. Just go all out, express yourself even if you are not perfect. Learn to let go and just produce something.

May 09, 2017


There is no other way around, you have to act first and take actions before you get motivated and inspired. Because the truth is... action is the number one source of action and motivation, you will only feel good and become creative once you take the first step and keep doing your thing. You have to become consistent and dedicated. Once you have that momentum going... you will become more determined to win, ideas will flow inside of your head, you will have a good feeling that you are winning and you will push until the end.

If you will wait to feel good now... it will never happen, never. A lot of people are waiting and procrastinating, they are waiting for that moment to feel good and inspired that is why the remain as a bum forever. Execution will beat depression and stagnation. Just do the first step and wait for the motivation to flow inside of your body. It is what it is, yeah it is hard, you will feel heavy, you will feel stressed but when you accept that feeling and move anyway... the doors will open for you, happiness will be achieved. You will become unstoppable regardless of what is happening.

Taking actions is already a motivation itself, you are motivating yourself if you are doing the necessary things to change your life. Slowly and surely you are making it, you are changing your life gradually.

The key here is to stop caring about how you feel, if you are feeling heavy and tired... that is the best time to force yourself to take actions. If you are doubting yourself and you are so scared to move... that is the best time to start and beat laziness. It is not fun in the beginning but you will have a lot of fun as you are progressing. And speaking of having fun... don't care too much about it, it is only a feeling. Most of the times, the things that are fun are the things that will make your situation even worse. If you want to change your bum life, if you want to have a better life then don't care about having fun. Do the things that are necessary because you can have a lot of fun on your journey especially if you are succeeding little by little.

Inspiration and motivation is only a state of mind. You can become motivated and creative if you will program your mind that you already are. Stop acting like you have all the time in the world to become motivated later. Stop acting like you have the luxury to wait, the perfect time is now. There is no such thing as perfect timing, the perfect time is always now so stop waiting and just do the first step.

If you feel uninspired it means you are inspired, if you feel unmotivated that means you are motivated. Your feelings is just fooling you. It is just challenging you. You have to dig in deeper and realize what you really want.

Of course taking actions is what you really want, you just don't want to move because you don't know what will happen next. You are so afraid to take actions because you want fast and sure success. But that thing won't happen, you need to be patient, you need to wait while taking massive actions.

May 08, 2017


TRANSFER THE PAIN - this is one of the best way to survive, this is one of the best way to alter your situation, emotion and expectation. It's all about finding what pain hurts you the most and transferring it to another place that will make you feel better.

If your knees are aching for whatever reason and it is disturbing your training, it is making your confidence go down so you can't practice very well, it is making you unable to move like you use to move before because you are thinking of getting hurt even more. What you need to do is transfer the pain of your knees to the other parts of your body. Make some of your body parts that are not injured sore. For example, make your abs sore by sitting ups for a lot of times. Or you can also make your biceps sore by lifting heavy weights. The pain on your knees will be diverted to the other parts of your body that are sore and you will be able to forget the injury on your knees. Not only you will forget the pain on your knees, the other parts of your body will also become stronger, you will gain double benefits.

If you are experiencing a lot of mental pain because you are experiencing some problems such as financial problem or love life problem, you can also transfer that mental pain to other things. Work hard, divert your mental pain to work so you will forget your problem, it is a win win situation for you. You will be able to do a lot of work and finish a lot of things and at the same time you will forget your problem easier.

Pain is very easy to neutralize or even remove in your system. All you have to do is choice a pain that has more benefits and focus on  it. Your situation will be better and you will slowly be able to change the results in your life.

May 07, 2017


To become successful in what you're doing... you have to be yourself regardless of who is watching. Sometimes the reason why you can't perform at the highest level is because you care too much about the people who are watching. You can't be yourself, you are acting differently, you are not operating at your maximum potential. And that is why you are failing, that is why you get frustrated, that is why after your performance... you have regrets because you weren't able to give your best. You care too much about how they feel and not on how you feel.

If your boss is watching you working, you can't give your best, you're scared, you can't type the keyboard, your mind is freezing, you are having a mental block. You are scared of making mistakes because you are thinking that he might get angry at you. You can't use your skills, you know what to do but you are having a hard time moving because you are so scared of making a mistake. So the conclusion is... your boss is making you weak, other people are making you weak. You are so scared of being judged by other people. Your focus is not to do the task but to avoid making mistakes which is very wrong because it is making you slow.

If there is a well known personality or let's just say someone who is better than you... you can't move, you are stunned, you feel like every movement you made is being criticized, you feel like you're not good enough. You feel like an amateur because a professional is watching you. You should not feel this way, you should give your best regardless of who is watching because that is the only way to succeed. You should make giving your best as your only option and nothing else other than that. And so what if someone is better than you, if you are not giving that someone an attention then he will not even matter into your life.

Always be yourself in any situation because it is the best way to show them what you've got, it is the best way to standout and become successful. Being yourself is very difficult to do but once you mastered it, you will feel invincible, you will feel like you can control any situation, you will feel like a king that isn't afraid of anything or anyone.

Being yourself is hard to do but the technique is very simple.... JUST ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF THE MOMENT. Enjoy every movement that you made, enjoy every scenario, even if you are suffering or having a hard time, you still need to enjoy it. If you can't enjoy it then at least just be patient. Never try to escape the situation nor change it, just have fun with it even if it is not fun. Be aware of what is happening, be aware of how you feel and never get frustrated even if your situation is really hard. Because the truth is... even if the president or the most powerful man is watching you... you are still the one who is in control of your life, they can make comments, they can give you negative remarks but it is still up to you how are you going to do something.

May 07, 2017


Being too technical will make you crazy, success is not about being detailed or following all the rules and traditional techniques about something. Success is all about work, you can find your own details later as you keep grinding and evolving. You will discover a lot of technicalities in hardwork especially if you are consistent. You don't even need someone to tell you what to do, just be observant, watch some people who made it, watch what they do and try to apply some of their movements. You don't necessarily need to copy exactly every movement that they are using, just use some that you think is useful and will give you a little direction then improvise on your own.

It's not about being flawless, smooth or well trained. It is about doing, executing and making your own. It is about being proud of what you have and using what you know to the fullest even if it looks awkward, basic or amateur. You can become successful even if you don't know a lot about technicalities. Some people are very technical and very detailed but their outputs were not as good as advertised.

So take actions now and never mind if you only knew a few basic things. With the very little skill and knowledge you have... you can go very far if you will repeat it over and over again. Because you will manage to improve what you have if you keep on using it. Don't hide what you know, use it and expose it. Some people will also benefit from the knowledge that you have. They may even copy some of your tricks.

So don't get overwhelmed if you saw someone more technical than you, remember that it is not about the technical side, it is about execution and making consistent progress. It is about loving your work and progressing everyday.

Being technical doesn't mean you're really good, it just simply means you know something, there is nothing more than that. A lot of people were just good in talking, they were good in technical aspects but when it comes to execution and making something work... they can't do it. They don't even know what to do next. Sometimes just simply following your instincts will make you successful.

A lot of people become successful without even being technical, they simply follow the basics and become good at it by working hard everyday. For them, consistency is better than technicality. Because you can become very technical but if you're not consistent then you will still never go far. But if you're consistent, you can become very technical in the end, you will be able to produce your own style and technique.

Just enjoy the process, enjoy what you're doing and that's it. If you can have a lot of fun in anything that you do, you can sustain the efforts for a very long time and success will come to you in just a matter of time. Just follow your heart and you will be fine.