April 10, 2017


Clear your mind so you can make a progress. It is too crowded, it is entertaining a lot of thoughts especially the negative ones.

You are thinking about the bills to pay, the argument with your partner, the deadline of a big project, your abusive boss, your enemy, your critics, your pending tasks, etc. You're thinking too much that is why you can't move anymore. You've been paralyzed by the stream of thoughts that are running inside of your head, thoughts that are not even healthy.

Filter your thoughts and process one thought at a time. Entertain the thought that will help you and will make you feel better, that will be the starting point, you will move once you pick the right thought.

It is better to not think at all than thinking negatively and entertaining a lot of noise inside of your head. You have to quiet your mind and find the most peaceful thought that you have. Once you find peace then you will make a progress. Take it slowly, you don't need to rush, move in peace so you will forget the war inside of your head.

Prioritize the most important thing first, take actions and do something to improve your situation a little bit. You will feel better once you are moving and momentum is on your side.

A crowded mind will make you feel exhausted even if you're not doing anything. You feel old, you feel weak, you feel that you can't do something. So the best thing to do is to become single minded and just take the first step. Do the most important thing and the rest will follow.

How to quiet your mind:

Meditation. Just breathe, inhale and exhale. Relax and never think of anything, do this for a few minutes and you will feel better. Once you find yourself already in peace then you can start moving.

Let go. Let go of the things that doesn't serve you, let go of the thoughts that are only making you suffer. Don't think about it, you can do it if you really want to have peace in your life.

Entertain yourself through positive actions. Do something that will help you on your situation.  Time will run fast if you can entertain yourself through actions that are positive and productive. Activity such as exercise, yoga, biking, mountain climbing etc.

If nothing is effective then SIMPLY FACE IT, just face it, face any problems you have. Deal with it even if it is stressful, solve it even if it is killing you. Face it and you will see that all of your problems are going away.

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