April 03, 2017


It is how you feel towards a number that determines the real size of it. If you are not scared of a big number then it is only small but if you are scared of a small number then it is big.

A lot of people thinks that a million bucks is very hard to achieve that is why they can't earn it. They think that it is very big and it is very impossible to earn that kind of money, and that is why a million bucks is getting more bigger. If you will only think that earning a million is very easy then that number will become small. How you feel towards a number will determine its real size. Even if it is big, if you feel that it is easy to get then that number will become small.

So condition your mind and change how you feel towards big numbers. If you will think that a number is big then it will be very hard for you to conquer it. If you think that doing 100 push ups is very hard and painful then it will become really hard, you will never finish it. But if you think that it is small and achievable then you will have the courage to finish it. The key here is to start right away, forget time and just simply enjoy the process of doing it.

If you are working and you're always looking at the clock, if you are always thinking that you still have a long way to go before you go home... then you will be stressed even more, time will become very slow, time will make you tired even more. But if you think differently, if you think that there are only few more hours before you go home then time will pass so fast, time will fly. So stop looking at the clock and simply enjoy working.

Never get intimidated by any number, never be scared to try to achieve a large number. Just think of any number as nothing so that you will feel better and comfortable trying to get it.

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