April 20, 2017


If nobody is giving a shit about you now... don't worry you will become famous later. You only need to work hard, give super nice insights or ideas and then disappear. People will miss you if you disappear, it's not that you are going to die or something. Just take a vacation and never come back.

If you leave a world with something useful and can help them in someways, once you're not producing those things anymore... they will miss you, they will ask for more, they will ask for your comeback.

For some reasons, people can't appreciate you now, your works are not getting money or rewards but it's ok, those things doesn't matter, what matters is you are enjoying what you are doing and you are contributing something for the world. You are giving them ideas and outputs that will make their lives better. If you can touch people's lives then you're already a winner, you're already successful, you don't need anything else.


It can be anything that will make other people's lives better. It can be a blog, an organization, a livelihood program etc. It can be anything that will contribute to the society. You can can make a difference, you can set a perfect example. They may not appreciate you in the beginning but for sure they will in the end, especially if you are getting successful in what you're doing.

Sometimes it takes time to be appreciated, it takes a lot of patience to earn something great. It is what it is, you can't rush time, you can't force results to happen if it is not the right time yet. All you can do is create something valuable, create more and more, never get tired of creating.


If you retired in what you're doing and they miss you then it simply means you are valuable, it means your works really mean something. Your disappearance will become your existence, they will look for you and ask you to do more, they will miss you badly, they will appreciate you even more. But it's ok, you can come back anytime you want... that is if you still want to come back. You can come back again and this time people already knew who you are, people already have a high respect to you.


1. It is not the right time yet, everything and everyone has his own time, your time will come if you are patient enough to wait for it. Just keep working and working, learn to enjoy every second of your work so you will not be bored waiting for your time.

2. It hasn't peak yet, your works has not reach the level of greatness yet for it to become popular. You are not that great yet. Yeah, maybe you are good but not good enough. You need to work harder, practice more and dedicate your whole life for your work so that it will give you the results that you want.

3. You are not focused. You will work for an hour then will stop for 2 hours, you will work for one week then stop for one month. You are not being professional, you are acting like it is ok to become not focused in your work. You should work like a river that keeps on flowing, you should not stop, you should be very consistent and take your work seriously. A small effort here and there will not get the job done, you must be all out when you are trying something.

4. You easily give up. You will try a process for one week and if it didn't go well... you will quit. You will try another process and another one until your mind goes crazy and you don't know what to do anymore. Don't give up so fast, life is not about winning, it is about not giving up. If you don't give up then you already won, as simple as that. A lot of people almost made it but they give up even though they are almost there. Always remember that it keeps getting harder when you're almost there so if you feel so tired... it means you will win in just a matter of time.

5. There is a missing piece. All you have to do is find that piece, you can only find it if you keep on working and working. Always remember that you only need to become right once, once you find the right formula then everything will become very easy. Look for that missing piece, it's there, you just need to seek harder than before.

6. You are looking at other people's work. If you keep on comparing yourself with the work of others then you will never win. You will not become true to yourself, you will even copy some of their moves and strategies. You will never reach your true potential, the result is failure.

7. You are absorbing the wrong information. When someone says how to do things... you will believe him and follow him, you never trust your own instincts. You get easily hypnotized by fake advisers. Be careful whom you listen to, be careful of what information are you absorbing so you can make your stuff work. Never listen to a lot of people, and mostly... listen to your heart.

8. You really don't believe your work. There are some doubts in your heart, you don't believe your work with all your heart. There is a voice whispering in your ears that you can't do it and you often listen to them. When things gets hard... you are being hopeless and unmotivated. You must believe your work to the point where you feel invincible and number one. You must feel that you are the greatest and you can't make any mistakes.

9. You are procrastinating a lot. You have a lot of side activities going on. You are wasting your precious time that is why you can't make it work. Cut all the bullshits in your life and you're already on your way to success.

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