April 30, 2017


In anything that you are doing... you only need to become right once to become successful. I know it is hard, I know sometimes you feel like quitting because nothing right is happening but once you find that perfect formula, once you invented that perfect recipe... everything will be easy for you, it will be a smooth ride, but first you need to struggle a little bit, you need to show them that you are deserving. Sometimes you need to try a thousand or million times before becoming successful but the good thing is you only need to become right once. Once you find that technique, it will never be hard to repeat success over and over again.

A lot of things are not succeeding because the right formula, timing and process for it is not invented yet, people are not patient, they can't wait so they quit right away and do some other things that they think is easy.

You only need to become right once, you need to try a lot of things until you find that one very simple thing that will make you successful. It may take time, it can take forever but for sure you will find the answer, you will find that one thing that works for you and you can use it forever to become successful. You can use it for a lifetime.

You have to endure being wrong a lot of times, it is not the most perfect and most correct person. It is the one who can endure being wrong for a long time and then finally getting it right in the end. You need to face a lot of failures and heart breaks, because it is the only thing that will develop your character. It is the only thing that will harden you and prepare you to dominate the business that you are in.

You only need to become right once, not twice, not thrice. The formula is very simple... keep looking for answers, keep trying a lot of process that will give you results. Success is all about trial and error. The more you try.. the closer you will be to finding the right answer.

It is really that simple, it maybe hard but it is not complicated. It is all about finding what works and what does not. Eliminate what doesn't work and focus on what is working, make it stronger, make it bigger, make it very consistent. Just do it everyday and let success come to you naturally.

The good thing about life is you can fail as many as you can. The more you fail, the more knowledge you acquire, the more you become smarter and closer to your dreams. You will not learn if you will not fail.

As you keep on searching for the right formula, as you keep on trying everything... the more success will be attracted to you. Opportunities will come, you will see what you haven't seen before. Success can't never escape you, you only need to become right once.

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