April 26, 2017


You just need a year to become rich, this is not a shortcut scheme or marketing, this is true. You can be a wolf in one year, don't be a sheep who just keeps on running and running everytime the predator is around. Be the hunter, be the one who makes an aggression and impose your will. Be the one who hunts money, produces money and take actions that can make a huge impact in your life. Don't be the one who just pay bills, interests and always afraid of being hunted by the bank. Become the richest as you can be in just one year.

It is very simple, you just need to change your mindset in money, change your mind and your life will change. Change the way you think about money and the money will treat you differently. Stop all the traditional thoughts about money. Treat money as your friend, never be afraid of it. Don't worship it, treat it like a no big deal, respect it but don't ever make it as a source of your happiness.

1. Pay all of your debts. If you're a debt free person then you will feel more abundant, it will be easy for you to create more money if a lot of money is going in. Pay all of it so you will not be destructed and you will feel an infinite freedom, if you have no debts then your mind will be clear. No one will hunt you, no one will get mad at you, you will feel richer, you will become more creative in making money, you will never be afraid of entering a business because there is lesser pressure on our side.

2. Try to work harder than last year. If you need to do a double overtime or even triple... do it. Don't be afraid to work hard. Don't be afraid to get tired. You can rest anytime you want, what you need to do for the moment is develop a character of pushing yourself until you earn more money than last year. Beat your own records, if you earn 50,000 dollars last year then try to earn 75,000 dollars or more this year, it is very possible. All you need to do is work longer hours, what is difficult about that? the longer you work, the more money will come into your life, as simple as that. It doesn't matter if you don't know any business or any self made income, just work super hard and you will become rich. It doesn't matter what you do, just work super hard and let the money flow into your life. Money will come naturally if you are working hard, the harder you work, the more you become lucky.

3. Don't spend your money for stupid things. Even if you are working super hard, if you are using your money for useless things then your life will never change. It doesn't matter how much you earn, if you are not using your money properly then things will always be the same. Use your money for business, buy things that increases value such as stocks, golds, small lots etc. Don't buy things that are only good in the beginning such as cellphones, gadgets, clothes... those things will only make your look rich but feel poor. The value of those things will depreciate as the time goes by.

4. CUT YOUR LIABILITIES. Stop your credit card, stop "purchase now and pay later" mentality. This kind of style will make you feel broke because all of your money was already reserved for payment even before you touch it. You can't even touch your money, you will feel like you are working just to pay your debts and liabilities. You will feel like someone is strangling you and you can't breathe because you are having a hard time paying your debts. You feel like drowning and anytime you may die because of stress and worrying so much where you can get extra money.

5. STOP LOANING. It is also like a liability the difference is if you are loaning you will get bigger money... and of course you will have a harder time paying it. It will make you pay for let's say 10 or 20 years, this will make you feel broke again, you will feel hard again. And let me remind you again... if you want to become rich  you must feel good, you must feel abundant. There is no feeling of abundance if you have big loans that takes lifetime to pay. Your hair will become gray but you still wasn't able to pay... what a shitty life.

6. BUILD SMALL BUSINESS THAT WILL GIVE YOU EXTRA MONEY. Small business that can give you money, when I say business... it's not a monkey business. It must be a sure business that will not make you lose money. Not all business were risky, there are some business that will guarantee you earnings. Businesses like blogs, buy and sell, food business, cleaning business etc. all you need is hardwork and dedication and you will earn some pretty decent cash. Small business can become big business so start now and don't hesitate.

7. STOP LENDING. Don't ever lend you money to someone especially if you're just starting to become rich. it is not about being selfish, it's just that you need to establish a very strong foundation first before you can share your wealth. How can you become rich if you are giving your money to broke people?  You must use your money for your own good, there is nothing wrong with helping but the question is... can you help them without getting affected?

You can become rich in one year, yeah in just on year. All you need to do is clear your debts and save little by little. The definition of being rich is not about having millions, it is about having financial freedom, free from debts and having the security even if something goes wrong in your life. It is very easy, once you have that momentum of saving money and increasing your income... getting rich is very fast and easy. Just have the mindset of growing your net worth and assets and that's it. If you're money is growing then you're already rich.

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