April 11, 2017


If you think you need an inspiration before you start then don't start at all because you will never start. Inspiration will never come, good feelings will never come, all you need to do is observe the people around you, observe your own life and observe what is going on with other people and you will be able to force yourself to move and go out of your comfort zone.

Observe your life, if you need and job and you don't have money.. observe your life, see how poor you are and how disgusting your life is. If you got sick and tired of your life then you will move. Some people who is not good as you are making it but how about you? you're the same broke guy 11 years ago. You don't need an inspiration to force yourself to move, you don't need a job offer, a good story that will inspire you, a support from your parents that will motivate you. Just observe your life, do you want that kind of life? do you think you deserve that kind of life?

If you think you can't compete then look at the people around you, look at the street children or beggars who doesn't have any opportunity to compete at all. You will see how luck you are yet you take your life for granted, you have all the means. Just observe the people who is less blessed than you... you will not be inspired but you will feel guilty for not giving your best, you will feel guilty for taking every second of your life for granted.

You think that life is long and you can always do what you want tomorrow because you feel uninspired today... look at the people who died young, there are even babies who didn't make it for at least a week. If that shit doesn't scare you then what will?

Just observe everything around you and you will feel how lucky you are, feel guilty for not taking actions, be disgusted with yourself because you're so lazy and you're making a lot of shitty excuses.

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