April 28, 2017


It feels so heavy once you are doing something for so long right? it feels like you can't move your body anymore, it feels like you can't even lift your finger. You can't think right, you feel like exploding especially if you haven't see yet the results that you're expecting.

That is what will happen if you are pursuing things, if you are pursuing greatness. That is why only few succeed after trying for a very long time. They will work for a certain project for months and years and when they can't figure out what to do next or what is it that will give them a little hope... they will give up.

You see, talent can't make you succeed alone, intelligence neither. No matter how great you are... you will still experience difficulty in the middle of your journey and more adversity in the end. It is not how great you are, it is how durable you are. You should have a very strong endurance in order to stay in the game. You should have the ability to stay in the game until the end no matter how sore your body is or how stressed your brain is.

The simple trick here is to just learn how to quiet your mind. Learn how to relax it, make it breathe, let it feel the beauty of life, let it feel the deliciousness of breathing. Breathe, quiet your mind and you will never be out of track.

It is ok to stop for a little bit, it is ok to slow down but don't ever entertain the noise inside of your head. There is a voice inside of your head that is telling you to quit, that it is ok to just go home and go back next day. Don't let those voices dominate you. You can do it, you can work until the end. All you have to do is quiet your mind, don't think of anything else, go back to your initial thoughts. The thoughts that you are entertaining before you enter this journey. Find the thoughts of motivation, find the gasoline of your motor. It is there, it never ran out.

It's just a feeling, it's just a frustration. You can always go back to your normal state once you quiet your mind.

Own your mind because it is yours, control it, don't let it control you. You can stay in the game until the end, you can become victorious, just don't forget to breathe and let the last thought of hope stay inside of your head.

Soreness is nothing, fatigue is nothing, you are better than those things. You can push and push until you win. Don't look at the finish line, just keep moving until you win.

Your strength is unlimited, you knew it from the start. You can do impossible things if you will never stop, if you will stay committed to taking actions. You're almost there, just keep quieting your mind and never listen to the noise inside of your head. Stay calm and move little by little, you're going to win in just a moment.

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