April 11, 2017


You are taking things easy because you think change is easy right? you think that you can just decide to change now and your whole life will change right? that is what you think. If you can change right away then why are you not changing now? if you think that change is easy then why are you so afraid of doing it?

Accept the reality that change is hard so you can change. Take it seriously and face the pain of doing it. There is nothing wrong in being humble or starting slow, what matters is you are committed to change and you will never change directions once you decided to change no matter what.

You are entertaining your vices now because you think tomorrow you can change right away. But why does that tomorrow never come? why do you keep on postponing the change? If you really wanted to change then you should take the process seriously. You should not postpone the change, you should not use the word tomorrow.

Stop bumming around and clowning around, it is time for you to take things seriously. If you are willing to endure the pain of change everyday then you already changed, as simple as that.

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