April 11, 2017


If you will work then work with someone who believes in you. Never believe in someone who doesn't fully believe in you because he will leave you when things go wrong, he will leave you if he can't see any benefits from working with you.

Some people will just believe you in the beginning because they were excited about your ideas and they were somehow interested in your proposals but when they see that your idea is hard then they will quit, they will make excuses and will give you stupid reasons for not staying with you. They were pretenders, they will stay with you for as long as you're still making big money but once you fall... they will leave you without conscience.

Work with someone who will stay with you forever no matter what. You know who they are, you can feel who they are. It's just instincts, the best way to know if someone will work with you forever is make mistakes, make life difficult for the both of you. If that person shows you concern and care then he will work with you forever.

Work with someone who support you and not with someone who makes you feel bad or unmotivated. Never connect your life or work with someone who is a burden and always contradicting your ideas in life. Someone who can support your crazy ideas and also make suggestions is a perfect person to work with.

Work with someone who resonates with your beliefs, someone who understand your feelings and sees your visions. Work with someone who can work as hard as you, never work with lazy people that only wants to work when everything is going well. Work with someone who can share troubles with you.

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