April 02, 2017


Working hard is hard because people wants immediate results right away. They feel like they were entitled to get the results on the same day that they work hard. They want it fast, they want to work hard for just a few days and collect their rewards as soon as possible.

Working is hard because you think that it is hard, yeah it is somehow a little bit stressful but it will become easier if you will just live it second by second. Don't try to finish right away, don't try to go too far. Just take it easy and feel every second that you are working hard. Don't rush because it is the number one thing that makes hardwork really hard. Just take it slow but don't kill time, just work according to your pace and never try to outwork anyone.

One more thing don't work hard just to impress people, don't tell them that you are working hard because you will live with their expectations. Just keep quiet working hard so there will be no pressure on your side. If you will tell them that you are working hard just to get popular then they will always guard you, they will check your life if you are making progress, and if not.... good luck to you, they will scrutinize you.

Working hard is hard because you don't love it, you are just forced to take actions... uninspired actions. For example, you are forced to work hard by your boss and he forced you to do things that you don't even love, a task that is not related to your job, it happens a lot. But what can you do? if you don't follow him he will threaten you that he will fire you. He will even force you to overtime that will make your life like a living hell because you already wanted to rest but you cannot.

To make hardwork easy... you have to learn how to love your job. It is much better to look for a job that you really love from the very beginning, something that you are passionate about, something that will never exhaust you even if you do it for 14 hours a day.

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