April 15, 2017


They don't even have the highest position in local government to tell you to stop, they don't have any power. They were not archbishops, they were not presidents or even mayor, they were not generals or the biggest businessman, they were not the most successful person in the world so who are them to tell you to stop?

Just keep doing what you're doing especially if you love it, if they can't stop you then that's their problem.

You are the only one who can stop yourself, you will slow down if you listen to them. For as long as you believe in what you are doing and it is somehow working a little bit... don't ever stop. Don't tell yourself to stop, don't let them stop you.

No one has the right to stop you unless he is feeding you or supporting you and even if he is the only one who supports you... if you really want to become successful your own way... you will separate your life with him and you will carve your own path. You will boldly go to a different direction and prove to yourself that you are right, your decision is right.

So if someone is telling you to stop or mocking you because your ideas are so weird... don't listen to him, don't let him stop you. Just do what you think is right for your life because your heart can never go wrong, it is always right, it is whispering you the right decisions that you must made, it is guiding you the right path that you must take.

You have the power to make yourself successful, you are also the only one who owns the power of stopping yourself. Sometimes it is not them that is stopping you, it is you who stops yourself by giving them the power which they don't have.

If what they say is not making you powerful or motivated... don't listen to them, ever. Just keep going, keep pushing because your time will come if you don't let them stop you. Just ask yourself this "who are them to stop you?"

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