April 07, 2017


The reality is... you are worrying so much about your problem but there is no problem that is even close to killing you. All of your problems since you were born... you solve it, you pass it, you overcome it.

For as long as you're not yet crazy... you still have a chance, you can solve your problems. If you're not yet dead then there is no reason for you to give up. Problems are just on your mind, it is not a problem, it is only a situation that you have to deal with. Once you face it... it is already solved.

How old are you now? I am very sure you already faced a lot of problems in the past but none of them didn't even put your life in danger. If it can't kill you then it can only make you stronger and better.

What is the big deal if you have a problem? you will just let the time run and then it will soon be gone, only if you face it. Just face it and it will dissolve fast.

Your problem will only become bigger if you keep on running away from it. Just think of it as a puzzle, consider it as a game that you must finish.

Money problem, love problem, relationship problem, problems at work, family problem, health problems... any problem, you can solve it, it may not be very fast but you can still solve it. There is no need to worry, just place your mind into some productive and happier thoughts and you will be fine.

And you almost forget, you can even solve the problem without solving it... just make sure you will accept anything that could happen by not facing your problem.

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