April 04, 2017


A winner is not thinking too much, all of his movements were natural and spontaneous. He is intensive and he can adapt to any kind of situation. If he is down or in danger.. he is not panicking, he is in control of his emotions and mind. He is living the moment and he doesn't care about the next situation. All he cares about is taking care of the business and nothing else.

A winner doesn't care if he is tired or fatigued. He is only focused on taking actions and making a little bit of progress everyday, he keeps on moving until he become successful. He doesn't love making excuses. He knows he have to perform no matter what, he knows that if he didn't move then he will be in big trouble.

A winner doesn't care about what people say, he is not sensitive. He is focused on his journey and no critics or bashing can ever stop him. He knows what he want and he is going to get it no matter what. It is always like a do or die situation for him, he will die for something, he will do whatever it takes to win, as simple as that.

He is not afraid of losing, he doesn't think about it for a second but he is ok if he lost. He is not a sore loser because he knew it is part of the game, it is part of life. He knew he can always win tomorrow if he accept the fact that he already lost and he need to gather himself up to prepare for a victory next time.

A winner can find a way out of no way, he can find a solution to any adversity, he can adapt and improvise. He doesn't get discouraged, he already knew that he won before an event even begin. He is offensive minded and he always strike when there is an opportunity.

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