April 14, 2017


The truth is... you have a lot of things in your life that you are not using for your own good.You have a lot of means but you are not using it to make your life better. You take your things and life for granted and yet you are still complaining about how ugly your life is.

You have a lot of stuffs in your house that you are not using, those stuffs can make your life better, it can change your life but you are not using them because of your laziness. You just wasted your money for buying those stuffs.

You have a running shoes that you bought for 175 dollars, it is even 25% sale. But how come you are not using those shoes? you are so proud when it is new and you even posted on facebook that those shoes will change your body, you are even show off in facebook and telling everyone that you will run everyday. But what happened with those shoes? it becomes old even if you are not using it. The soles were not even scratched, you let time make it old for not using it.

You have a thread mill that you bought for 2 thousand dollars. Then how come you are not using it for a year? do you really know its use? or you think that it is only a display? if you will just use it then you are healthier and have a very sexy body right now. Yet you are still looking for other programs or things that you think will make your body better. Or maybe you are just looking for an easy way out?

You have a computer and an internet but you are not using it to gain more knowledge and when the time comes when someone will interview you for a job.. you are not confident because you are not prepared. You don't know anything because you didn't even touch your laptop to at least make your brain sharper. You are too busy pressing the remote control of your television that is why you have a rusty mind.

You have a lot of things but you are not using them to make your life better, you keep on complaining that you don't have this or that but the truth is you have a lot. You're just nor appreciative because you want more but you want to work less.

Look at the things around you, there are lot of means that you can use to put yourself in a better position. Open your eyes, work and don't be stupid.

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