April 28, 2017


The real freedom means having the power to do what you wanted to do. You do it anytime you want, you stop what you are doing at the moment and you do what you really love to do. That is what real freedom is all about. It is about rewarding yourself an activity that you badly wanted to do without thinking about what people may say or thinking what could go wrong. It is all about taking actions that will satisfy your urge.

Real freedom means freedom from outcome. You don't care about what will happen next you just do what is needed and that's it. You are living in the moment and you feel so free to speak, move or even stop. No one can stop you to stop, no one can stop you to move. Your life is all about you and what you wanted to happen with it.

Real freedom means owning your time. You sleep anytime you want , you eat anytime you want, you take break anytime you want. No one can force you to do something.

If you're not happy with what you're doing, it only means you have no freedom with it. It means you're restricted and your actions will be stop later once a person with higher authority than you doesn't like it.

Real freedom means creativity, you feel so creative, you are playing with what you are doing. You can do everything and no one can stop you. You don't feel tired nor stress, you feel floating and light like a feather. It feels like everything you do is right and you are on the right path no matter what.

Real freedom is only in the mind, you can even feel free even if you're in jail. Just free yourself from mental slavery and be a little bit creative. Imagine that you are free, imagine that you will be free in just a matter of time. And even if you don't get that freedom, if you don't dwell on being jailed then you are still free.

Real freedom is owning your mind, it is being able to find the right thoughts that will give you good emotions no matter where place you are. You are free if you are not stressed, you are free if you are feeling good, as simple as that. Freedom has no deep meaning, it's only about freeing yourself from any thoughts that are stopping you from being happy.

If you want to experience real freedom then learn how to manage your thoughts, learn how to feel good even in bad situations. Sometimes you are free but you are the jailer of your own self because you dwell so much on negative things that makes you feel struggling.

You can achieve freedom anytime you want, even if you're caught in a bad situation. Freedom is a choice, you can choose to be free now, right away. Just learn to let go, don't be attached to anything, learn how to create your own state and always choose to be happy.

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