April 01, 2017


The best game ever is "pulling the trigger game". It is the game of life, it is the number one game of successful people. You just do it, you just try it, you just make it, you just get it.

No hesitation, do doubts, no analysis paralysis. Just simply moving forward and getting what you want at all stakes.

It is the game that answers all the questions on your minds, it erases your fears, it makes you confident, it makes you avoid regrets. It is the most thrilling game ever. It is the game that makes you feel alive.

If you want to ask a girl for a date... just pull the trigger. How can you know if she like you or not if you will not pull the trigger? never mind getting rejected, you are not the most handsome guy in the world so don't ever feel bad if you've been rejected. What if she answered yes? you will feel like you're the lottery winner. You will tell yourself "you're the man".

If your boss is asking you if you have an idea regarding a certain project... just say yes and invent an idea, pull the trigger. You never know, your boss might like your idea and that event can be the starting point for your promotion.

Life is just a game and the winners are the ones who pull the trigger the most, the ones who took the risk and never been afraid of failing.

Pulling the trigger will attract opportunity, it will give you what you want. Just simply do it and stop worrying if you're right or wrong. Pull the trigger so you will know the answer.

There is nothing wrong in trying, what is wrong is you let an opportunity pass away by being coward and hesitant.

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