April 27, 2017


If you have a precious thing... let's say a car, a diamond ring or an expensive shoes... use it. Use it because it is just a thing, don't worship it because it will be the cause of your unhappiness.

A lot of people wants to take care of their precious things to the max, they even get mad when someone accidentally scratch it, they go crazy, they freak out. It is funny because a thing is just a thing, it is not even breathing, it doesn't have any feelings. I am not saying that don't be careful with your things. You still should be careful but the point here is... don't feel bad if your things have scratches or dirt. It is nothing, you can't even bring those cars, diamonds, golds with you when you die. Use it... don't worship it.

Don't let any material things be the cause of your happiness because if you do so... your happiness will become shaky, you will not achieve total freedom. You will feel bad everytime your things gets dirty or old, you will feel bad if you can't buy something because you don't have money... that is what worshiping things can make you... it will make you dependent from something that is outside of you. It will make you mentally weak.

A lot of people died not using their jewelries, expensive shoes, collection of toys, vintage cars etc. They died not enjoying their belongings because they worship it, they didn't use it. They hoard it, they didn't even give some of them to other people even if they have so much because just like I said... they worship those things. The sad thing is, they weren't able to enjoy their things, they don't even want to touch it because they want to preserve the beauty and quality of their things.

Some things can get broken even if you are not using it because of being too much old, time makes it weak, time destroyed it. It is better to destroy your things by yourself because of over using than the time destroy it. You will only feel bad if you weren't able to use your things so the best thing to do is use it now, use it like it is nothing, use it like it is not precious. You will become even happier if you are experiencing your things and not keeping it.

A toy collector keeping his toys in a box is stupid. Why will you keep your toys in a box? the purpose of a toy is to be played and not to be preserved. If you are thinking that the value of your toy will depreciate if you open it then you should not buy it from the start. Toys are not meant to be displayed, it is built to be played, touched and makes you think like a child. You will become even happier if you will play it.

Will a child that is very happy going to keep his toys in a box? of course not. A real happy person will not preserve his things. If you wanted to become really happy then don't worship your things, use it, use it to make you happy, don't preserve it because it will never stay with you forever.

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